More Features of OnePlus 6 Officially Revealed and Camera Samples Indicate Bokeh Mode

More Features of OnePlus 6 Officially Revealed and Camera Samples Indicate Bokeh Mode

The OnePlus 6 will be released very shortly and there are several teasers out, showcasing the top features of this flagship smartphone. OnePlus has a reputation for offering boutique style smartphones and the latest OnePlus 6 is sure to offer some stiff competition.

Waterproof At Last

OnePlus are top-notch smartphone manufacturers, but they have always been lagging in the waterproofing feature on their smartphones. All their smartphones are missing on the IP67/68 certification. However, this is now a thing of the past. OnePlus 6 is reported to be coming with the waterproof feature, and more importantly, is proof against rainwater and the company officially announced it in a tweet as it has been the norm recently with OnePlus.

Software/Hardware Specs/Storage

Several leaks of OnePlus 6 have already revealed most of the hardware and the software specifications and features of the amazing smartphone. In addition to this, the CEO has been active in discussing in the forums and announcing new updates there as well.

OnePlus 6 will run on the Android 8.1 version of the Oreo. It will have Oxygen OS overlaid on it or even probably a Hydrogen OS in case of devices sold in China. The OnePlus 6 will have a battery powered at 3450 mAh, equipped with the facility of Dash charging.

According to the leaked specifications, the upcoming OnePlus 6 will come in two models, a base model having 64 GB and another model with 128 GB of Internal storage and a RAM of 6 GB. The highest configuration will feature a RAM of 8 GB with internal storage of 256 GB. This will be combined with the Snapdragon 845 chipset, being Qualcomm’s most efficient chipset.

OnePlus 6 Display

The leak specified that the OnePlus 6 would come with an AMOLED screen of 6.38 inches, a Full HD screen display, having a pixel resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels. The Snapdragon 845 process will power it, with the CPU clocking at the rate of 2.7 GHz.

Additionally, there will not be any physical button present on the front of the smartphone with the fingerprint sensor placed at the back.

Camera Specs Details

The OnePlus 6 will come with a dual rear camera having a resolution of 16 MP and 20 MP and an aperture of f/1.7 for the two lenses. This is similar to the camera on the earlier OnePlus 5T. As for the front camera, it has also been improved with a resolution of 20 MP and a lens of f/2.0.

Camera Samples Shared

Meanwhile, the CEO of OnePlus has released on Weibo a few amazing images taken with the new OnePlus 6 smartphone. The images show the capabilities and features of the camera on the OnePlus 6 and they are very accurate and show a lot of detail.

From the images, it can be seen that OnePlus 6 will have the Bokeh mode. This means that the smartphone will come with a secondary lens and can zoom optically to 2x. It also means that users can blur backgrounds; increase the prominence of the focused object and so on, while creating the final picture. Check out the images at the bottom of this article.

However, it is not clear whether the pictures taken in the OnePlus 6 will be equally good when taken in low light.

The Notch

It is now quite clear that there is going to be a notch for the OnePlus 6 smartphone. The manufacturer has directly given the news, having confirmed the news to The Verge with renders. The official image has been provided.  The notch has been added in order to offer more screen space and offering more content to users on their screens. But the company also clarified that the notch can be hidden with a new Software update.

However, the notch on the OnePlus 6 is different from that of the iPhone, as it is a little smaller. It is bigger than the notch on the Essential smartphone, but smaller than that of the iPhone, with the precise measurements being 19.616 mm x 7.687 mm.

OnePlus 6 Pricing

It is likely that the OnePlus 6 will see an early release. The OnePlus 6 is rumored to come at around $749. It will be similar to the Oppo R15, which also has a notch.

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