Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness DLC to be Released in June

Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness DLC to be Released in June

The Far Cry game series franchise managed to rush people into a whole other universe. Here they have to face a vast number of challenges that get more and more difficult as they progress for the main character of the game to reach his goal while also keeping himself alive in the process. If you fell in love with the original game setting of Far Cry 5, but you believe that a change is welcome by now, then we would like to tell you that “Hours of Darkness,” the very first DLC of the game, is coming out on the 5th of June.

Redler in Vietnam

“Hours of Darkness” stars Wendell “Red” Redler as he is portrayed on one mission in Vietnam. If that name sounds familiar then we will have to confirm your suspicions: we first heard from Redler back in the original Far Cry 5. He asked the main character to collect Vietnam lighters which were scattered all over Hope County. If we did not get to see much of him then now Ubisoft is certainly giving us that chance.

Teaser trailer

Ubisoft released a teaser trailer which gives us some small hints of what we can expect to see from the DLC. In the trailer, we see a soldier who is tied up, and a hand is pointing a gun at his head. Next, to him, we can see a bloody shovel. Behind those who captured the soldier, we can see even more blood. The idea of a huge fight having taken place is easy to point out. We believe that the captors managed to kill all the other soldiers and spared this one to use him as ransom or blackmail. We will have to see which is which when we finally play the game.


After this bloody scene is shown in the trailer, we can hear Wendell’s voice. He says that in war you are never allowed to choose who dies and who lives. You are only allowed to stick with your brothers through whatever hardships may come and hope that by the end of the day everyone is still alive.

Game Modes

The DLC pack will be worth replaying since after you complete it, you will unlock two new modes for you to play it. The first one is called Survivor mode. If the name was not transparent enough, this mode is set to make survival way more difficult for you by taking away a large chunk of your equipment. The second mode that you can unlock after you have completed the game is called “Action Movie” mode. If Survivor made things more difficult by taking away as much stuff as possible, Action movie does quite the opposite. The player will be able to carry more weapons and have a better airstrike than they would have in the normal mode.

New weapons

If what we already discussed, the two new game modes got your attention, then you will be even more excited to hear about the new weapons. With “Hours of Darkness” players will get access to a set of new weapons. Among them, we can count the M60 machine gun and the Vietnam-era M16. After you finish the DLC, you will be able to take these weapons back to Hope County and use them there as well. You will also be able to call in airstrikes and players will also get the “Survival Instinct” ability. This ability will reward the player for performing a stealth kill on an unaware target.

New content

If you cannot wait to play this game or if you just want to enjoy the new content without having to pay for the expansion pack we have some good news for you. You will be able to enjoy a couple of assets from the DLC already. They have been added for Far Cry 5 Arcade users. They have been added so that the users would be able to design their challenges and their own levels.


We finally got around to talking about one of the most important topics of this article: the price of the DLC packs. Well, it will cost just twelve dollars. If you buy Far Cry 5’s Seasonal Pass (which costs 30 dollars), “Hours of Darkness” will already be included. The same thing can be said if you decide to buy the 90 dollars Gold Edition of the game.

In the near future, we will also see two new DLCs see the light of day. One of them is called Lost On Mars, and it will play on the idea of having to fight aliens on Mars. The other one is going to be called Dead Living Zombies, and you will have to go on a mission where you will fight and kill numerous zombies. We will offer you more details about these two other expansion packs when we have the information ourselves.



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