Fallout 76: Bethesda Facing Fallout of Hacking Issues in the Game

Fallout 76: Bethesda Facing Fallout of Hacking Issues in the Game

Fallout 76: Popular RPG game Fallout 76 developed by Bethesda is in the thick of a controversy following a report on that the game’s server has several vulnerabilities and these allow players or hackers posing as players to do as they please, inside the Fallout 76 game. This includes manipulating the game’s moves to access the details of other players even. These accusations are of a serious nature and sure enough, Bethesda immediately responded to IGN and in the response widely shared in the media, refuted each of the points raised in the IGN post. But Bethesda has admitted that there are certain modding issues which it is working on. Interestingly, the person who wrote the post had signed in on IGN just a few days earlier.

Some Serious Allegations

Here are some of the issues relating to the game Fallout 76 raised by the player in the report published first on the IGN site:

  • Players seem to be adding fresh gameplay features and modding online
  • The Game’s server does not appear to be in control of what players can or cannot accomplish within the game
  • Hackers can access even the IP address of the other players of the game, leading to a serious security breach
  • The post claims rogue players can walk through the walls by making alterations within the gameplay, which no game would ever allow
  • The reason for the hacking and data theft possibility is due to lack of encryption of data which is essential for a public game like Fallout 76

It has to be added here that the person posting these details has quoted a Reddit report that appeared earlier and has added a lot of impetus to the allegations about the game.

Bethesda’s Outright Denial

If you went through the response posted by Bethesda to IGN, it is very difficult to take a clear call on who is speaking the facts and where does the truth lie exactly. There are reasons for this. You have to concede that the person who posted all the vulnerabilities in the Fallout 76 game has not provided any support in terms of screenshots or command paths to prove any of the points raised therein. It is important to note that whenever any such vulnerabilities in websites or programs are reported, sufficient proof is always provided so that the developers of the game can repeat the same gameplay situations at their end to check and then come up with the remedial patches.

On the other hand, Bethesda has not gone about giving a detailed response and has just dismissed the allegations as baseless. One would have expected them to take up each point and issue the real situation so that the genuine players will feel secure. The only point it has tried to convey is that it will not tolerate any cheating in its game or hacking of the server. As mentioned, Bethesda says it knows there are some issues the gamers are facing and the development team is working on them.

The only saving grace or something that can be said in favor of Bethesda is that Fallout 76 is a game still in its beta version and the developers must be able to address all technical issues that have been raised and offer the gamers a clean and exciting game.



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