Fallout 4: Trash Collection and The Beautifier Mods Aim to Spruce Up the Commonwealth

Fallout 4: Trash Collection and The Beautifier Mods Aim to Spruce Up the Commonwealth

GenghisKhanX never fails to amaze and amuse gaming enthusiasts, especially the fans of the post-apocalyptic RPG game, Fallout 4. Barely a week after the release of the Trash Collection mod, the modder cum hobbyist has again created a mod called “The Beautifier”.

The Beautifier

As it name suggests, this mod aims to let the player improve the surroundings by way of planting flowers and grass using a quirky and interesting medium that is also not unfamiliar to players: a shotgun. This landscaping tool comes in the form of a shotgun that the gamer can craft it at any chem station and under the same name.

If you are a bit confused on how this works, the instructions are simple. Just aim the weapon on the spot you want to beautify and take a shot. Before you know it, the arid wasteland of Commonwealth turns into a verdant landscape.

But wait, there’s more! While you might find it a tad odd to see that the gun you are holding seems to have a distracting toupee, it can be used to plant not only beach grass and flowers. The landscaping weapon lets you place big rocks, plant bushes, and even trees. And mind you, the trees can be new ones and even full-grown trees that appear to be decades, if not hundreds of years, old. Moreover, if you change your mind or plan to spruce it up again, you can scrap what you have planted. Unleash your love for nature and creativity by landscaping Boston the way you want it.

Trash Collection Mod

Going back to the Trash Collection mod, it lets you pick up the trash one by one. Not only can you clean the environment.  You can also feel good about making the world look better, even at least, in a game you are playing. It might also be true that there are already quite a number of mods that let you clean up the garbage. However, this one lets you do the dirty work, so to speak. This is more fulfilling since you get to pick up the trash by walking or running to it. Also, you might even stumble upon a valuable scrap you can use. As they say, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Talk about being a “Picker” in the distant future. Just imagine what items you might find.

Since Fallout 4 was released in 2015, thousands of tweaks, enhancements, and fixes have been contributed by modders. And with the rate these creative people are going, we can expect a lot more in the coming weeks. We can look forward to finding out new mods from GenghisKhanX.

In an interview he granted, the modder expressed that for him, creating game mods is a hobby that he has been engaging in for two decades and that he never finds satisfaction on how things are in their plain state.

With the two “beautifying” mods in a span of about seven days, this modder is indeed one person who wants things on the up and up. Meanwhile, Texashokies also released a Fallout 4 Intimidation overhaul mod update.



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