Fake iPhone 8 Rumors You Need to Know About

Fake iPhone 8 Rumors You Need to Know About

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S8, which was welcomed with open arms because of its great features and excellent performance. The ball is now in Apple’s court, and everyone in the consumer tech world is looking at the Cupertino-based tech giant to see what the iPhone 8 would be like. This isn’t really surprising since the much-awaited smartphone isn’t just the company’s answer to the Samsung Galaxy S8 — it’s also the device that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iPhone line of products.

True to form, Apple hasn’t released many details about the iPhone 8. Because of this, people are now relying on leaks and rumors for information about the device. Unfortunately, several of these reports seem to be fake, and they end up confusing and even frustrating many Apple fans.

Touch ID fingerprint sensor

One of the biggest rumors about the iPhone 8 is that it would have its Touch ID fingerprint sensor at the back. This isn’t really a novel idea since the Samsung Galaxy S8 also has its fingerprint sensor at its back, but it’s one of the very few features that users hate about the S8. Considering the negative feedback this design decision has gotten, it’s clear that Apple fans don’t want to see it in the iPhone 8, too.

In fact, a lot of fans reacted when a supposed schematic of the iPhone 8 made its rounds on the internet, which showed the smartphone to have a circular hole at the back where the fingerprint sensor will supposedly be. People point out that the sensor is located too far up, making it difficult and awkward for users to scan their finger while ensuring they don’t drop their phone. The sensor is also too near to the camera, which means that the lens can get smudged with oily fingerprints and result to blurred photos.

Fake or Not?

It’s no secret that Apple wants to incorporate the Touch ID sensor beneath the iPhone display. However, the company seems to be having trouble with doing this,  especially now that the new iPhone model will supposedly have an edge-to-edge display that will remove not just the side bezels but also the top and bottom bezels. Sources say that placing the sensor underneath the screen is creating issues that make it difficult for Apple to scale the production of the iPhone and manufacture the device in large volumes. So, it can either develop the technology that will allow the screen to read fingerprints or, as the “leaked” schematic shows, move the sensor to the back of the phone.

Unfortunately, as explained above, having the sensor at the back won’t go down well with a lot of users. Apple fans are hoping that the schematic is fake or that it’s just one of the many concepts that the Cupertino-based tech giant is considering for the iPhone 8.

Other Rumors

Aside from the location of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, there have also been rumors that the iPhone 8 will feature two camera lenses arranged in a vertical way along the far left side of the phone. Many fans are commenting that it looks terrible, especially when compared with the neat horizontal placement of the lenses in the iPhone 7.

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