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Fake GTA 6 Release Date in GTA 5

Fake GTA 6 Release Date in GTA 5 2

Grand Theft Auto fans have recently become more alert to any news surrounding the release date of Grand Theft Auto 6. If you are also a fan of the series, then you most certainly know that GTA 5 has been out for five years already and fans are wondering when the next installment will be set. Yes, the game was stunning both graphics and story wise and GTA 5 Online was such a success that people have not stopped playing even up to this day. In light of all this amount of information, releasing some fake piece of information is easier than ever, especially if you have the skills to make it look official. Read more to find out exactly what happened.

Fake official message to fans

Players of GTA 5 Online have started to receive messages in the game which stated that Grand Theft Auto 6 was set to be released next year, in 2019. A large number of players received a message which only said that “Rockstar Message GTA VI Coming 2019”. This prompted people to post on online forums and even ask the Rockstar Support Twitter account if this was indeed the truth or just an elaborate hoax.

Sadly enough, yes, it was only a hoax, and Rockstar confirmed it. They did not decide to share their thought on how this happened. However, if Rockstar did not want to do it, that does not mean that fans of the game who got this message did not put their investigative goggles on and started to look for clues.

Fake GTA 6 Release Date in GTA 5 3

They came to the conclusion that some savvy hacker managed to use a mod and a flaw in the Rockstar Social Club message system in order to send out this mass text message to a large number of people.  The fact that this was a hoax prompted by a faulty mod can be seen in the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 version of the game, in which you can freely add mods and who were suspect to this fake message.

Nevertheless, just getting a message from an account that looks official should make people start to question things. Rockstar was never the one to willingly throw out information such as this. Fans have grown accustomed to the fact that the studio likes to hold on tight to information related to their next games until they have an opportunity to do it out of their free will.

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