Fake Adobe Flash Player Scam Spreading Online

Beware, Android users! A new scam is circulating online, targeting you! The latest scam aims to make people pay £15 for using Adobe Flash.

But How Is That Possible?

Recently, ESET revealed the newest way in which malicious people try to make money. Basically, the key here is the social engineering, used in order to fool users to pay £15 for the Adobe Flash Player. However, the catch here is the fact that this program was officially discontinued for the entire Android OS, and this happened way back in 2012.

A Credible Copy

What you will find on the Play Store is a very credible copy of the Adobe Flash Player. It is named F11 and it looks very legit. It even offers a tutorial for downloading it. You will see on the same page that there is a PayPal address where you have to pay before you can download.

Lukas Stefanko, the malware researcher who works at ESET and discovered the scam, said that the authors have really put some effort into it. For instance, they listed the app as being education on the Play Store. Despite this, if you checked the shopping basket at PayPal, it said that the item there was the Flash Player 11.

Once you pay, you are taken to a tutorial for installing the Player. There, it said that you have to install Firefox or the Dolphin browser on the smartphone or tablet. However, these two browsers support Flash by default, and you can download them for free on the Play Store. As such, in the end you are indeed able to play Flash content on the device, so not many people realize they have been scammed.

Google had removed the app from their Store, but ESET said that it already has something between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads, though not all of them resulted in cash.

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