Fake 5G Networks by AT&T – Always Read the Small Print

AT&T Launches Fake 5G Network

Many people have been hyping over the AT&T’s announcement that they are leading the way towards faster network speeds. However, what is being marketed as the revolutionary 5G network is not the successor to the popular 4G one, but rather a re-branding of it. Feeling confused? Same here.

So What’s with the 5G Network?

Most likely, AT&T will not be offering 5G Evolution for your phone. According to their statements, the new service will be available only in 20 new metro areas by the end of the year. Moreover, it will be compatible only with the Samsung Galaxy S8 phones. The rollout will begin with the area of Austin, Texas, so not many people will get the chance to enjoy it.

Always Read the Small Print

The catch here is the small print, which you should always read. Under the claim with 5G and all, it says that the announcement contains statements that are “forward-looking” and “subject to risks and uncertainties”. Moreover, the team also added that the actual results may be different in reality.

But wait, there’s more! The announcement of the limited rollout of a supposed 5G service came from AT&T just hours before we saw some news reports about Verizon outbidding them on a great size of the 5G service. And we’re talking about the real 5G network now. However, the two announcements may not be related, but the situation is still rather weird.

The Answer

From what it looks like, AT&T is trying to use some classic marketing tricks to bait customers. Even though they will not be offering 5G service before any other carrier, many people might actually think they do. What’s more interesting, the 5G networks rely on a completely different type of technology, unlike the 4G and 4G LTE, which makes it even harder to implement.

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