Facebook’s Biggest Announcements at F8: Oculus Go, Delete History Feature and More

Facebook had some big announcements to make during the F8 conference and each one of them is unique in its own way and better than the other. With a suite of products in their pipeline, the company had some extensive announcements to make.

The Oculus Go was officially launched with a price tag of $199. At this pricing, it is expected to make virtual reality affordable for everyone. Most would never mind the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive which could set them back by $2k or even more to experience VR. The Go is a complete VR headset which includes a Snapdragon processor to provide what people need out of the box.

Facebook didn’t stop there as the company was on a roll introducing its new feature to delete history on the Facebook accounts. The website will stop accumulating too much information to provide their users more privacy and they even rolled out Instagram video chat.

Make Video Calls on Instagram

Users should now be able to make easy video calls on the Instagram app. The announcement was officially made on the Instagram blog which further explained how the feature works. According to the post, more than 100 million users watch Live content on the platform and they want to further expand on the same.

When you open the Instagram app, all you have to do is tap on the new camera icon. The app now lets people make both one to one and group calls making it the ultimate tool for your communication needs. Long gone are the days when Skype used to be the only place to make high-quality calls as the feature is now available on multiple platforms, with Instagram joining the lot.

Keeping things intuitive is the ability to minimize the video call anytime so that you can continue texting with other people or perform other activities on your smartphone. The video calling feature is in its beta testing phase and is expected to be rolled out globally in the near future.

Apart from the video calling feature, Instagram will also allow users to share Spotify songs, footage from a GoPro camera among other things from a different app. They will be shared as stories. Another addition is the app will now allow third parties to design camera effects which users can make use of in their stories panel and it is expected to pave way for some great, quirky effects to lighten up the moment.

Oculus Go – Facebook Wants One Billion VR Users Soon

Oculus Go priced at just $199 was the biggest announced made by Facebook during the F8 event. While the product itself was launched a long time ago, it was confirmed that it will be made available to the general public worldwide now. Many such innovative projects never see the light of the day but Oculus supported by Facebook’s massive marketing department and funds managed to bring out the budget-friendly VR headset to the market.

Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he wanted at least one billion VR users in future and Oculus CEO Hugo Barra added that standalone VR product is what will make their dreams come true. The ultimate goal is to get as many people as possible to check out this new technology and being able to take it out of the box, wear it so as to experience immersion is what the common buyer would expect. Oculus Go exactly meets the requirement and delivers more so to create a standalone market for virtual reality apps, games among other content.

Facebook Rooms for Oculus Go

Barra clarified that there is a wrong notion about virtual reality because people assume the headset will cut you off from the real world. Facebook Rooms is the answer to this which will allow everyone in any part of the world to wear the Go headset and be able to talk to each other sitting in a room.

A group of friends can sit together playing cards, watch a movie on television or simply talk to one another. Their virtual avatars, the room setup, and multiple activities are expected to make it more social especially when you consider the fact that there are no geographical barriers to form a group like this one.

Oculus TV and Oculus Venue

Along with the Oculus Go headset, Oculus TV is getting launched which will allow users to watch Netflix, Hulu among other content inside the virtual world. Oculus Venue will put you directly in a football stadium, an NBA match or a music concert to experience for the most immersive live event experience ever. All these apps are expected to make the headset popular and an alternative to smartphones which people use a lot these days.

Clear Search History, App Logins, and Others on Facebook

This is an important announcement which should put an end to privacy issues or at least reduce it. Similar to how people usually clear cookies so that browsers and websites wouldn’t track their activity, Facebook has launched a feature to let you delete your history, avoid making suggestions every time and ask you to login freshly to new apps that need access to your account.

Facebook Got a New Dating Website and Other Announcements

Facebook confirmed that it’s entering the dating market against OkCupid and Tinder. With one billion users, they have a better chance at helping people meet the love of their life and it will also have a new messenger to maintain privacy. The company also announced 3D photos using which users can take a photo and convert it into 3D before uploading it to the website.

With a future update, you will also be able to walk through a room in virtual reality which will be scattered with photos from your past and offer a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The Facebook app will also bring watch party feature to let you watch live events with friends and comment. The developers have also rolled out a better crisis response feature to let friends know you are safe, M translations in Messenger to break barriers created by language and AR-based Camera effects for smartphones that support it.