Facebook Secret Features You Might Not Know

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, which has reached more than 1.7 billion active users per month. It’s a fabulous achievement. According to, Facebook gets $6.24 billion from the ad revenue.

Facebook not only has succeeded with their big achievement, but it also helping users in engaging with their old and new friends. Facebook keeps improving their services and also adds more options and things. But, many users might not know some of Facebook interesting features.


Facebook Secret Features You Might Not Know

Secret Emojis

Emoji is one of conversation tools that helps users expressing their feelings better, in an effective way. Facebook can automatically render some emoji characters when you post something on your Timeline or chat on Messenger. If you are an emoji fan, Facebook has some secret emojis that you can use. Here are they:

<(“) = a penguin
<3 = heart
(y) = thumbs-up facebook symbol
(^^^) = a great white shark
:|] = a robot

You can also try to type “:putnam:” and watch which emoji will appear? You can check the other emojis, here.

Facebook Secret Features You Might Not Know


Transfer file over messenger

If you thought Facebook Messenger can only be used for chat, that isn’t correct. This platform allows you to send files to other users. To do so, all you need to do is choosing the little gear icon on the top-right corner of the window. Then, choose “Add files…”. A pop-up window will appear to give you options to choose which local file on your computer are you going to use. The file will be received as a link. The receiver can click that link and it will be download automatically.

Facebook Secret Features You Might Not Know


Upside English language

It looks a bit weird and useless, but you use this feature for something useful. This feature will change your Facebook language to English and all the words will be shown upside down. You may feel a bit dizzy when reading.

You can enable this feature by accessing Settings >> General >> Language >> choose English (upside down). What an interesting feature!

Facebook Secret Features You Might Not Know


Our soulmate page

This feature is more useful for couples who have set the relationship status on their profile and added the spouse name on it. By using this feature, you’ll be able to see two profiles. You and your spouse profiles will be shown together on this page. If you want to try it, just visit It’s awesome!

Facebook Secret Features You Might Not Know


Save everything for later

Sometimes, you find an interesting link, video, or photo on Facebook that you want to read or see later. But, you are too busy to read or watch that link. Facebook provides a tool to resolve this issue. You can save the link. Click the drop down arrow on every post or video or link and choose “Save post”, or “Save video”, or Save link”.

Facebook Secret Features You Might Not Know


Save all data about you

Facebook allows you to download all data that is related to you, including the media on your Facebook. You may need this feature if you want to deactivate your account and want to create the new one. Some of you might don’t want to remove memories on your old account. You can access this useful feature in Settings >> General and click on the link “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.

Facebook Secret Features You Might Not Know


Mute your ex

If your relationship didn’t go well and you have changed your status to single on your Facebook, you may need this feature. It will mute your ex without the need to unfriend him/her. At this moment, this feature is limited for mobile app and will automatically appear once you change your relationship status to single. This feature can make your mind settle down, in case your ex-keeps posting something bad about you or your past relationship.

Facebook Secret Features You Might Not Know


Send Money

If you want to send money online, you can rely on this feature. It’s possible if both sender and recipient have a valid debit card. You can first enter a debit card by going to Settings >> Payments. Once your payment info has been accepted, you can send or receive money.

You can do this in Messenger chat window, by clicking the dollar sign ($) at the bottom of it to send or request funds.

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