Facebook Rebrands Internet.org Into Free Basics

Internet.org is a free access web service project developed by Facebook from the idea of the CEO, Mark Zuckenberg back in 2013. The free access web service is the cooperation between Facebook and certain provider in every country. Through the internet.org, everyone can access all web services inside it for free, without data plan needed. On May 4th ago, Facebook announced the internet.org platform, an open program for developers to easily create services that integrate with it. The participating websites must meet these three criteria:

  1. Explore the entire internet (so as to give users a taste of the wider Internet and therefore help them see the value of the Internet)
  2. Efficiency of data use (so that it would be economical for carriers to allow free access to the websites)
  3. Technical specifications: optimized for browsing on a wide range of devices including smartphones and less sophisticated mobile devices, and should not be dependent on Javascript or HTTPS.

On September 24th, Facebook announced that internet.org became Free Basics. Since that day, everyone can enter to freebasics.com through a mobile web browser on their cell phone or via “Free Basics by Facebook app” for Android to access the free web services inside. There are 60 free web services and counting on Free Basic services in 19 countries and its supporting providers. If you live in Indonesia like me, you can enjoy this web service through Indosat.

The access is completely free, it won’t decrease your data plan. You can find various web services inside, such as news, health, economic, education, and more.


MeraDoctor is one of free services on Free Basics

This service will help many people in developing countries foremost. This is one of the projects of Mark Zuckerberg, called “connectivity is a human right.” Furthermore, the Free Basics committees toward the privacy and security by encrypting all the information. If you are a developer, you can submit your web service to become the part of internet.org platform. You can learn more at developer page. Facebook also provides the guidelines for developers building for the platform to make them simpler after listening to feedback. You can see the updated guidelines here.

Source: newsroomfb

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