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Facebook Messenger And WhatsApp Have Dethroned The SMS

There are many reasons to use Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, but you would expect that those platforms have a crucial role in our lives.

At the conference held a few days ago by Facebook in the United States, Mark Zuckerberg has made some very spectacular revelations on messaging services portfolio. After all, Facebook Messenger is a very important component of Facebook, while WhatsApp is another important entity operating independently under the protection of the American company. You may be tempted to think that both serve the same public and, it does really good, but that does not deny how impressive is the number of messages delivered daily two applications. Before reaching the technical details you should know the number of users each corresponding to better understand the level of detachment of Internet users of SMS classical messages format in favor of new technologies.

Basically, during the last inventory, WhatsApp exceeded one billion active users who send a message every month, maybe more. Regarding Facebook Messenger, the value reached up to 900 million monthly active users. Being very difficult to know the number of those who regularly use both WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook, Zuckerberg went on stage to say that chat platforms send 60 billion messages a day. As a comparison, the most recent analysis in the same manner on SMS messages was reflected in a 20 billion daily. We do not know exactly how real is that value for short messages sent by mobile operators, but it is obvious that most of us use a smartphone and depend on increasingly less telephone network.

Last statistical WhatsApp message was sent 30 billion messages every day, a number that was topical in January last year.

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