Facebook Messenger Best New Features That Improves Technology

Facebook Messenger is growing and improving as we speak. Here are the four best brand new features that the app is getting. Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below.

  1. More bots

Bots are certainly nobody’s first choice in terms of anything. In fact, if Internet history has taught us anything, that’s the fact that bots aren’t good for more than a copious laugh here and there. But Facebook Messenger is getting more bots that provide valuable information for Facebook users, so this might be a good thing after all.

  1. Banking

Finances aren’t something you’d particularly want to take care of via Facebook Messenger, but if the feature is safe and reliable, then why not? US customers of American Express are already getting support services via Facebook Messengers, and we’d like to see that expand. David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products at Facebook, said that a lot more financial companies are now migrating towards Messenger. We can’t wait to see theresults.

  1. Messenger Lite in the UK

For those of us that don’t have premium smartphones to handle the great storage and RAM consumption of the regular Facebook Messenger app, there is Messenger Lite. This version notoriously takes up about 10% out of the total that the regular app does, so that’s clearly of great help to mid-range devices. And now Messenger Lite is coming in the UK as well, which is good news for those of you out there that are Britain-based.

  1. Messenger purchases in the UK

The UK seems to be in for a number of treats on the part of Facebook Messenger. On top of Messenger Lite, purchases through the app might also come in Great Britain. This means that a new era of online shopping is upon us.