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Facebook Bug Reveals Online Moderators

The Guardian has reported that Facebook has recently revealed the identities of lots of moderators on the platform. This happened with the purpose of screening the terrorist propaganda to the actual groups that created the posts. 40 workers who were at the Dublin offices belonging to Facebook have been focusing on taking down terrorist content from the social network. Their names, as well as their profile pages, have been revealed to the administrators of the Facebook groups where they were moderating the content.

Serious Consequences

Revealing their identities may even have some serious consequences for those who were affected. Some of the content moderators are now even afraid for their own lives. The Guardian reported that this security flaw has been discovered back in November 2016. Things started getting worse after the people whose names and profiles were revealed started receiving lots of friend requests from people who had connections to the radical groups the moderators were monitoring.

What’s more, one of the moderators even quit his job at the Dublin headquarters and moved to Eastern Europe in order to hide, according to the report issued by The Guardian. He came back apparently when he ran out of money and asked for compensation. His later employer revealed that Facebook did not have a proper attitude towards his type of work, since he had to watch videos of various terrorist acts, such as beheadings and stonings.

However, Facebook declared that with his work, they were able to reduce the danger of the terrorist groups spreading their ideology on Facebook. Needless to say, it is extremely important to take care of the distribution of these issues online, since many people can have access to it. As such, the monitoring job is a particularly essential one not only in the development of the social network, but also for the world safety.

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