Facebook Becomes A Frighteningly Big And Strong Company

Facebook’s financial results for the last quarter were made public, and the unstoppable growth recorded by the company came to our attention.

After making efforts to expand into a variety of fields without making any compromises to the development of the social network, the financial results have drawn our attention to the fact that the giant is not likely to stop anytime soon.


Reaching a threshold of 1.59 billion monthly active users, the fiscal quarter that just ended, earned a net profit of 5.84 billion dollars. Compared to previous quarter, one can observe a significant increase considering that at the time the company had only 1.55 billion users and a 14% lower profit. The increase from year to year is 52% on the same three-month period. Throughout the year 2015, the socialization giant can be proud with revenues of 17.93 billion dollars, a 44% increase from 2014.

Approximately 80% of the profit was recorded on mobile in the context where 1.44 billion users have visited their Facebook account this way. As an interesting statistic, there are 1.04 billion daily users and 934 million of them are using a mobile device.

In other news, Facebook has become vital to communicate disasters or important events in our lives. Over 950 million people have been notified by the Safety Check function under different circumstances, and over 500 million people took part in 123 million events organized on Facebook in 2015. The Facebook Lite application managed to attract no less than 80 million people in underdeveloped countries, and the profit, under those circumstances, came from serving video ads at a lower quality, optimized for slow internet connection. About 100 million videos were watched on Facebook according to Zuckerberg.

Given that Facebook also excels in other branches of its business, during the financial results announcement, the company has published the above graph in order to highlight the performance of WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, VR and so on.

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