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Facebook To Allow News Subscriptions On Instant Articles

Publishers have put a lot of pressure on Facebook lately and it seems that the company has finally decided to bring a news subscription service. Thanks to this new feature, news outlets will be able to ask a paywall on top of Instant Articles.

By doing this, Facebook will keep its readers locked to its website, while media companies will also earn a bit more cash from their content. According to its head of news partnerships Campbell Brown, Facebook will start testing the service in October 2017.

For example if you read The Washington Post or The New York Times, then you’ve probably come into contact with a paywall. However, we need to mention that they come in different shapes and sizes.

Facebook will probably get a metered option, which will allow you to read up to ten free articles per month. However, once you hit your quota from a “paywalled” publisher, you will have to pay for a subscription.

Facebook claims that if everything goes to plan, the update will also be expanded in 2018. It seems that the publishers will also have the possibility to come with a “freemium” model with full control over their articles.

We remind you that this announcement comes about a week after a group of 2000 media outlets went to Congress for the right to negotiate with Facebook and Google. These media outlets claim that the web giants are influencing over how news content is prioritized, displayed and, of course, monetized.

Some previous reports were suggesting that Facebook was already talking with the Wall Street Journal about a subscription model for its articles. We need to mention that Facebook has already tried to “calm down” some angry publishers by adding more ads to Instant Articles.


What are your thoughts about the news subscriptions that Facebook is trying to integrate on its social platform?

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