Explore 8 of the 33 GoT Locations Added in Google Earth

Explore 8 of the 33 GoT Locations Added in Google Earth

Continued innovations and improvements to Google Earth has resulted in a reimagined platform, with a possibility of turning it into a social media once users will be able to upload their own stories, photos, and videos. While waiting for this to happen, why not explore Google Earth on a more fantastical note?

Google Earth has recently added 33 locations where key scenes from Game of Thrones, a popular fantasy TV series, were filmed. It is no secret that the crew of the famous HBO show has traveled to various locations, from Spain to Croatia, in order to film different scenes. Now is your chance to check out these locations and find out why it was chosen for the Game of Thrones’ production.

  1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

The medieval walled city of Croatia’s Coastal capital is the location of the King’s Landing, the largest city and capital of Westeros. In the TV series, it was established by the Targaryens during the time when the Iron Throne was made. Although they were later deposed, the King’s Landing remains as the capital.

  1. Höfðabrekka, Iceland

Far north of Westeros is a tall and jagged mountain range known as the Frostfang Mountains. In the second season of Game of Thrones, there was a scene where Qhorin Halfhand explored the skirling pass in the mountains in search for wildings or free folk, taking with him several scouts including Jon Snow. The scene was filmed on location in Höfðabrekka.

  1. Lokrum, Croatia

This island in Croatia served as a backdrop for the city of Qarth. Although many of the scenes in the city are digital, some of the garden scenes were filmed in the Botanical Gardens and former Benedictine Monastery in Lokrum.

  1. Osuna, Spain

The Plaza de Toros de Osuna in southern Spain served as the Arena of Meereen in Game of Thrones. The bullring is the venue where the rival Sons of the Harpy attempted to assassinate the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys.

  1. Jacob Cathedral

This cathedral in Sibenik, Croatia is the Iron Bank of Braavos in the TV series. It is the richest bank in all of Westeros where people from the Seven Kingdoms apply for a loan, which is more realistic than fantastical.

  1. Thingvellir National Park

Located in Iceland, this UNESCO World Heritage site is where the epic fight between the Brienne of Tarth and the Hound was filmed. It also served as the backdrop for when the wildings arrived in the North and made camp.

  1. Azure Window

This natural rock arch located over the sea off the coast of Malta is the location where Daenerys Targaryen wed the Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo. The limestone arch, unfortunately, fell after a severe storm in March 2017. But you can still visit the location through Google Earth.

  1. Ambassador’s Hall, Spain

Salon de los Embajadores in Spanish, the Ambassador’s Hall is where Ser Jaime Lannister discussed the release of Ser Bronn of the Blackwater with Prince Doran, Princess Myrcella, Crown-Prince Trystane, Ellaria Sand, and others. The great hall is inside the Arabic Palace at the Alcazar of Seville.

With 25 more locations to explore, you should learn the best tips to explore Google Earth. The virtual journey will be more than worth it.



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