Experience The Xperia Sony Sound Perfection

Very long ago SonyMobile Communications presented Xperia E1, a new Android phone that brings the top Sony sound technology with the knowledge on screen, design, efficiency, and content of a smartphone, which was awarded the title “Best in its own category”.

Xperia E1 seems to combine the best sound technologies of Sony, with a top design and marvelous hardware environment to give to the common mortals that dream of expressing themselves loudly a powerful Smartphone.

Xperia E1 is in reality and not fantasy a medium-sized Smartphone, easy to pocket carry, with premium features. Consists of a very fast processor and 4″ screen with vivid colors, combined with fast data transfer speeds, so that it provides an all-around performance that is unbeatable compared to any other phone in class.  The audio experience in this mobile is totally different from what we have seen so far.

Sony Xperia S and Audio Technia ATH-ES7

The Sony’s sound quality can be heard clearly in Xperia E1, as key technologies meet with the 111db speaker to produce a cleaner sound that can stand in any environment. Even a passing motorcycle won’t interrupt your music, as its sound effectiveness covers all other external sounds! With the ClearAudio +  mode, you can enhance the listening experience and improve the frequency balance, while the xLOUD ensures that your tracks sound fine-loud and clear.

Xperia E1 connects to the ecosystem of the Sony via the Bluetooth ™ Headset SBH20 Stereo. For those who need even more experience possible, via Bluetooth, Xperia E1 remains at the heart of Sony music experience.

This great device is based on Sony’s Walkman TM technology which has a premium audio experience of more than 30 years. The function Shake-to-shuffle and the special WalkmanTM “long press to launch” button ensures easier loading and navigation.
All of this is controlled by the vibrant 4″ touchscreen display. Drawing from Sony’s technology in the field of television, the Xperia E1  embodies the experience of all of Sony’s digital imaging technology, aiming to provide an exciting visual experience.

So with this experience of sound that Sony provides you, you can put the sound to the edge, have a great party with your friends, and probably get in jail for noise pollution. Ok don’t risk.