Experience GTA Vice City in GTA V with the Vice Cry: Remastered Mod

Experience GTA Vice City in GTA V with the Vice Cry: Remastered Mod

GTA Vice City is one of the older Grand Theft Auto games by Rockstar. It was released in 2002 and the game was an instant hit in the gaming community. If you still want to enjoy Miami sunsets in the game as Tommy Vercetti, you can download the original game or you can get the Vice Cry Remastered mod for GTA V.

Vice Cry: Remastered

The Vice Cry Remastered is a DLC pack for GTA V which brings the original GTA Vice City map to GTA V. This means that you can go through the streets of Miami as portrayed in the original game but with better graphics and detail offered by GTA V.

Vice Cry: Remastered is a reboot of the original Vice Cry mod for Vice City that was released way back in 2015 and improved the graphics of the game. The latest version runs as a DLC for GTA 5 instead of as a mod for GTA Vice City itself.

The mod allows you to experience the nostalgia of GTA Vice City in high definition graphics and textures. The mod also comes with 3D neon models that go along with the 80s Miami vibe, which the original developers were aiming for.

What’s New in Vice Cry: Remastered?

The DLC for GTA V adds new textures, accessible interiors, the complete vice city map with buildings and roads, custom population groups, vehicle generators, and more.

The trailer for the DLC also recreates some of the original missions in Vice City but the mod doesn’t come with the original missions. They are, however, adding new missions to the Vice Cry mod so there’s something to do apart from roaming around the map.

How to install the Vice Cry: Remastered Mod?

The mod was released a month after the trailer was out on 20th December 2019. You can download the mod from here, where it was officially released. Installing the mod requires GTA V with a few additional tools like Heapadjuster by FiveM, Packfile Limit Adjuster, as well as ScripthookV.

You will also need a mod menu to spawn the DLC cars in the game, the developers recommend you to install ‘Simple trainer’ by sjaak. Otherwise, some of the DLC cars do spawn in traffic too.



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