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Expected Samsung Galaxy S11 Launch Date May Have Just Leaked

After all the incredible flagship smartphones that were launched this year by various brands, the bar has been set pretty high for those that’ll be launched in 2020. For Samsung, the year was strong – its new launches in the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S flagship series have received incredible response in the market. The phones had some major upgrades over their previous versions and now all eyes are set on how Samsung hits the ball even further next year for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S11 series. Some leaks and rumors about the phone have been floating online for the past few days, and now there’s a new tip-off about the release date of the phone.

When’s the Galaxy S 11 Coming?

Samsung brings out new devices every year at a launch event in San Francisco for new Galaxy S flagships. The Galaxy S11 isn’t going to be an exception. It’s likely that the Galaxy S11 launch event will take place sometime around the third week of February.

It’s tough to pin on an exact date so early, although if we had to take our chances and pick a particular date, it would be February 18, 2020. The timeframe is also close to when Samsung has released its earlier S series models. Of course, the dates can always change. However, so far there’s nothing that seems off-track which could delay Samsung from its usual release period or indicating the manufacturer will be moving away from the usual February launch.

What to Expect

The hype around S11 has been pretty high for a few days now. However, it is very difficult to say anything about it at this stage, because not a lot of information has been released in public domain about the new flagship at this stage. Some speculations to make are that the phone will have a waterfall display, 5G connectivity and probably no headphone jack. The phone will have the latest Qualcomm 755 5G integrated chip for sure and a display with a 90Hz or higher refresh rate. It’s important here to remember that while Samsung’s releases this year were incredible in most aspects, they did receive some criticism too, especially for the cameras that had not received any big upgrade over the previous versions. With the new camera technologies that Samsung has announced this year (the Isocell Bright 108MP sensor, and the 64MP GW1 sensor), one thing’s for certain – 2020’s Samsung flagship phones are going to bring big changes in mobile photography.

What are you looking forward to the most in the Galaxy S11?

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