Expect a Disruptive Future of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Expect a Disruptive Future of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If the Galaxy Note range will not deliver what is expected and will not rise to the standards of the public, it might disappear. The last version of Galaxy Note to reach the market might be this years’ under-performing Note 9, according to leaked information. After this month’s launch of Galaxy Note 9, the South Korean company cancel it in order to become more radical and disrupt the market.

But there is no reason to panic. The replacements of Note 9 are already being produced.


Even though Galaxy Note 9 will be considered the best phone ever, it is generally that Samsung should better come with something new and innovative series of smartphones. But because everybody knows about the Osborne Effect, such a drastic change will not be publicly announced by Samsung.

At the beginning of the Galaxy Note range, the public was amazed by its tablet-like large screen, its S-Pen and was considered a trailblazing hardware. When iPhone has been getting us used with 3.5-inch screens, the appearance of Galaxy Note in 2011 was shocking as it measures 5.3 inches. Since then we witnessed a lot of changes including the availability of devices which sport gigantic screens, most phones are with enterprise software, and the impact of the stylus is now reduced thanks to user interfaces.

Back in 2011, the iPhone was sporting a 3.5-inch screen, and the Note’s 5.3-inch display was seen as ‘gigantic. How times have changed. Large screened devices can be found at every point in a portfolio, enterprise software is built into the software of most handsets, and user interfaces have evolved to reduce the impact of a stylus.

Apple will release its new iPhone after Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will go on sale so it will become Samsung’s most significant potential win because it will interfere with Apple.

The replacement of Note

The replacement of the Note series is already being produced. The Plus model of the Galaxy S handsets range measure almost the same as the Note phones, and it has a similar software and mission goal. Samsung will only need to add the S-Pen, and it will be the best combo.

If Samsung cancels the Note 9, it means the Galaxy S from 2019 will be more in demand.

So it is still to be seen what choice Samsung will make regarding the Note series. At least we know it is going to be an innovative one.



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