Elder Scrolls 6 : Release Date, Features, Rumors and News

Elder Scrolls 6 : Release Date, Features, Rumors and News

TES or The Elder Scrolls is one of the most popular RPG franchises, now also available as an MMORPG with the Elder Scrolls Online game. The last title for the series was Skyrim, released in the year 2011. Skyrim still continues to have millions of players on a daily basis.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is an upcoming title in this game series from game wizard Bethesda. Skyrim was introduced in 2011 and there are plenty of interesting games in this series, but fans are looking for some fresh entertainment in the series. Fans are still having a lot of fun with the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, using the Nintendo Switch, but they are ready and waiting for the next distraction, the Elder Scrolls 6. However, they may have a long wait ahead for the next fantasy game from Bethesda.

Upcoming Game

 TES6 is the latest addition to the Elder Scrolls series and has been announced with a lot of fanfare using a 30-second teaser at the E3 2018. The Elder Scrolls 6 is still in the development stage. Bethesda has not shared any news related to when it will be released or where it will take place. However, there are plenty of rumors doing the rounds regarding the date and setting, so check out these updates.

The Trailer of Elder Scrolls 6

The teaser of Elder Scrolls 6 was released in the E3 2018. Though Bethesda has remained tight-lipped regarding details of the TES6, the short teaser shows the unique theme music. The trailer also shows a beautiful skybox along with a flyover, pointing to what looks like Tamriel. This is the continent in which many of the Elder Scrolls series games occur. The trailer then ends on a note with a gilded logo of the TES6 and that’s it.

Starfield and Fallout 76 Precedes

However, according to Todd Howard, Bethesda director, Starfield and Fallout 76 will precede The Elder Scrolls 6. This means that Elder Scrolls 6 still has a few years to go before its release. According to Todd Howard, at the E3 held this year, Elder Scrolls 6 is in the pre-production stage, whereas Starfield is in the playable stage.

Apart from the trailer at the E3 2018, Howard also confirmed on YouTube Live of the E3 streaming in the year 2016 that The Elder Scrolls 6 is a happening project and is in the stages of development. However, among Starfield; TES6 and Fallout 76, TES6 will be the last to be released. According to Hines, there are two more multiplatform game releases on the agenda, so TES6 would happen only after the other two, namely Starfield and Fallout 76.

Likely Location

The Elder Scrolls 6 will be the follow up to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In the 6th game, players will be able to travel to Tamriel and then fight with swords, shields and bows for the agenda of their choice. Most of the Elder Scrolls series games are based in a particular region in Tamriel (which is the universe for the series) and carry the name of the region. For instance, in 1996, the Daggerfall was located on the High Rock, Hammerfell provinces, whereas Morrowind was located on the Vvardenfell Island and Oblivion was located in Cyrodil. The TES5: Skyrim carried the name of Skyrim, the region or setting of the game in Tamriel. Based on this, it can be safely assumed that the TES6 will also be named suitably, with the name of the region in Tamriel.

So, will this region be Argonia; Redwood; Valenwood? These are the regions in Tamriel that haven’t been mined as yet. It could also be Morrowind, as the game by that name, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind only featured one island in the province and not the mainland.

Some rumors have it that the most obvious choice for the Elder Scrolls 6 is Black Marsh or Argonia. The Argonians are the lizard folks living in Tamriel. There have been earlier games where you could play the role of these creatures..

Valenwood also seems likely, as Bethesda has not yet used this area of Tamriel in any of its TES games. Valenwood is home to the Bosmer and it has not been explored well in the game series so far. In addition, way back in 2014, Bethesda had issued a memo telling its employees not to use the following terms: Fallout: Nuka World; Elder Scrolls VI and Project Greenheart. Interestingly, the TES6 has a project code name and that name is Project Greenheart. Now, Greenheart is also the name of the city in Valenwood!

Another possibility is Elsweyr, with the dry plains and the harsh badlands being home to the Khajit. Fans also find this setting quite appealing.

Elder Scrolls 6 Location

Could Akavir be on the Cards?

It is equally likely that Bethesda is completely done with Tamriel for its settings for the next TES6 game. It is possible that Bethesda will not use the Tamriel continent anymore and might find some new ground. There are regions for instance, like the Akavir, which are to be seen in the ocean that surrounds Tamriel continent. The Akavir is a continent located on the east of Tamriel. The Snow Demons of Kamal live here along with the Tsaesci serpent men; the Tang Mo monkey people; the Ka Po Tun Tiger Dragons and so on. All of them are known as the Akaviri.

According to a legend, humans travelling to Akavir were eaten up by the Akaviris. It is quite likely that players can travel to this new region and live in the hostile conditions in The Elder Scrolls 6.

Elder Scrolls 6 Akavir

Location Fixed?

However, Todd Howard has confirmed that the location or setting of the TES6 has been fixed. He said that the first thing they decide is the setting and added that one could guess the setting based on the teaser trailer.

However, it is quite difficult to tell the location from the E3 2018 clipping of the game, but it seems to look like Valenwood or even Elsweyr, and not Black Marsh.

Pre Orders Likely

If you’re wondering about the release date of the latest TES6, it is not likely till the end of 2019 or even 2020. Bethesda is very likely to release another trailer next year at the E3 and might possibly reveal more news about the game series. There might also be some pre-orders or special editions by the end of this year.

Likely Platforms/Consoles

So what are the platforms on which the TES6 is likely to be released? Well, for sure, it will be released on the PlayStation; the Xbox and also for the PC. In addition, it might also be released on Nintendo. As for the consoles on which this game is likely to be released, it might be a more powerful home system console from Microsoft, which the latter has announced in the E3.

Elder Scrolls 6 platform

Expected Gameplay

It is possible that some new races will also be added to The Elder Scrolls 6 gameplay. However, there were no new races in Skyrim, so if the setting continues to be Tamriel, there is not much chance of races being added. Another interesting addition could be the Sea Elves, which are seen in TES Online series.

One thing that is not likely in The Elder Scrolls 6 is multiplayer features. Skyrim already has multiplayer features. As for VR features, we have already seen a complete VR experience in Skyrim, so it might be repeated in the TES6 as well.

New Ways of Storytelling

As for the storyline, the Skyrim comes with a very unique narrative containing a lot of complex intrigues. The player is a part of a civil war in a troubled kingdom, so it is expected and hoped that the TES6 will come with a more exciting storyline, taking things to a new, higher level. Todd Howard has also revealed that Bethesda is trying to look into ways for telling stories in the games. For instance, Skyrim allows players to fulfil their vision, whereas Fallout guides them more solidly. Now, Bethesda is trying to explore new ideas of storytelling.

It is possible that the TES6 will have a storytelling line that will fall in between Skyrim and Fallout.

Homebuilding Features

A new feature expected to be added to The Elder Scrolls 6 is homebuilding or creation of a town. The feature of designing home was already introduced in Hearthfire DLC of Skyrim and it was further expanded in Fallout 4. These features are likely to be further expanded in The Elder Scrolls 6, as it has not been fleshed out fully in the Fallout. This feature will also fit in admirably with the Valenwood setting, as players will have to adapt to the wilderness, make use of the natural things seen in the environment for creating settlements.

Elder Scrolls 6 Features

The Name

It might probably not even be called The Elder Scrolls 6. There will be a colon along with another word showing the region or location in order to complete the title, based on the names of previous releases of the game series.

Promising News

In an interview after the E3 2018, Todd Howard talked about The Elder Scrolls 6, as well as Starfield. He said that the company is considering a lot of changes in the technology, the lighting system, the landscape, for Starfield, as well as for The Elder Scrolls 6.

In addition, the gaming studio is also advertising for several positions in Rockville Maryland. The publisher has also opened a studio in Austin, so all these new hires are probably working for the upcoming TES6 or it is possible they are working on the other two upcoming projects from Bethesda.



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