MacBook Pro 2019  : Latest News , Update & Everything We Know About

MacBook Pro 2019  : Latest News , Update & Everything We Know About

Almost three years have passed since Apple thought about refreshing its MacBook Pro line of devices. Even though the addition of a larger touchpad and OLED Touch Bar are nice enough, the laptops containing Windows have picked up other features and thinner bezels, which make the MacBook look a bit older and conventional. Although a lot of rumors are already doing the rounds about how the MacBook of 2019 will look like, here are a few features we know so far about the device.

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MacBook Pro release date

Presently, there is no confirmation or rumors from the company side, but we can always move according to the release pattern of the company and the previous launching records of the company to predict a possible time of release.  The recently updated MacBook Pro line of devices was released in July 2018 and the launch prior to that came in June 2017. However, for a better revamp of the original MacBook Pro, we can either expect the launch during the WWDC event in June or another event during the fall. Another rumor also suggested that the new MacBook Pro release was canceled for release in 2019 and has been pushed back to 2020-21 and even though this rumor received plenty of attention initially, it was a wrongly interpreted due to a wrong translation of the report of Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. All that we know is that the new MacBook Pro is slated for release in 2019.

What is coming up?

According to the instincts of Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is working on an upgraded version of MacBook Pro with a screen size of 16-16.5 inches that is likely to come in 2019. Not much detail is available besides the size of the device, but no second thoughts that it is going to be larger in size. However, Apple may come up with larger screen size and slimmer as the image below shows.

MacBook Pro 2019 release date

If the supposed release of MacBook Pro comes in 2019, the 16-inch device may come within the shortest release time between the periods of design refreshments, as the last overhaul of MacBook Pro came in the summer of 2016. Further rumors suggest that the RAM of the latest device may go up from 16 to 32 GB. It is not clear when the exact release of the latest edition of MacBook Pro is going to be, but the Intel chips called Sunny Cove was ready for an update and announced by the company Intel in December 2018. However, the company plans to bring out the chips later in 2019, so the guesses are that Apple may use those chips in the 2019 version of MacBook Pro.

According to Kuo’s report, Apple is working on a new 15-17-inch MacBook comprising a mini-LED display, which may be a part of the MacBook family, due to its size. The devices equipped with mini LED displays are slated for release in the first half of 2021, but the company may have other refreshing versions coming in between along with the 16-16.5-inch machine about which the rumors came out long back.

Pricing of MacBook Pro 2019

If we consider the existing non-touch bar MacBook Pro line up, the starting price is $1300 for the 13-inch model including 8GB RAM, with a seventh generation Intel Core i5 processor and 128 GB SSD. Furthermore, the 13-inch model with the 8th generation processors and a Touch Bar is going costlier and priced at $1800. For the 15-inch version, the prices start at $2400. According to the rumors, we can expect the company to stick to the same pricing pattern for the next generation models too.

Redesigning the model of MacBook Pro

It is a foregone conclusion that the company will revamp the design of the MacBook Pro line up and according to the report of the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is probably planning to bring in two different types of designs for MacBook Pro.

According to the report, the first design of the Mac Book Pro will include a display of 16-16.5 inches, and it is a massive jump in size when compared with the present editions of MacBook and goes back to the 17-inch Mac Book Pro model of 2012. Probably, the company has already noticed a demand for the larger Pro screen currently, and this makes it easy to create the difference between MacBook Pro and the other editions of MacBook.

MacbookPro 2019 Design

Furthermore, the second design is probably going to be a much smaller model for those who do not bother about the size of the screen but may want to get more power. However, it seems that the smaller version may have a RAM of 32 GB, which may make the model more powerful for handling intensive software, which is the right option for the designers staying in an active environment just like the other professions. With the help of the twin revamped designs, Apple is going to target different types of buyers with distinctive and different benefits.

Different keyboard

Besides the change in the display of MacBook Pro, the 2019 version of the device may also include a completely different type of keyboard. According to the latest patent, the company might consider a glass keyboard that may be transformed for MacBook and this is going to be a huge overhaul when compared with the existing butterfly keyboard which has taken the company to the court several times due to failed durability as promised. It also suggests a system comprising several layers containing a transformable glass layer on the top and a touch-sensing layer beneath. As the first later can be changed, it allows the bottom of the laptop case to have more space for the touchscreen.

Updates in MacOS

The power of MacBooks comes from the MacOS; it is likely that the features present in the new operating system may also have new hardware. Usually, the updates in the Mac operating system are announced at WWDC with the latest, so we have to wait until they arrive from the company.

According to a patent from 2017, it indicated that the company may consider adding the eye and hand tracking system to MacOS and while this feature has been available in the Windows laptops for some time, the chances are that it may make its way in when it comes to the 2019 release of MacBook Pro. We have to wait and watch whether Apple adds the support FaceID for the operating system. As we have already dealt with these features in the iPhones and iPads of Apple and the fact that Windows OS also supports facial recognition, the company should not miss it in the MacBook Pro’s latest edition as well.

Looking at the processors

The MacBook line up has moved to the Coffee Lake processors in 2018 from the Kaby Lake processors of 2017. It seems that the latest edition of MacBook Pro will also come with the current range processors of Intel. The upgrade may be in the present Whiskey Lake processors as well about which the announcement came in 2018 and is already a source of power for many Windows laptops. The chipset may provide more support to the combined Gigabit Wi-Fi and also enhance the performance of the device during browsing.

According to a recent report, the 9th generation processors are coming to the latest laptops whether it is the Core i9 or Core i7 variants and may succeed the last year’s 8th generation Core i9 which was available in the 15-inch MacBook Pro released during last summer. In addition to this, we may also expect the Ice Lake processors to show up in those MacBooks that are expected to release in 2019, and another wild guess suggests that ARM processors may be a part of the latest MacBook releases although Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst of Apple has already indicated that the company may not bring those processors until 2020.

Macbook 2019 core i9

Ports of Apple MacBook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pros have already had a lot to do with the dongles such as VGA, DVI, miniDisplay, FireWire 400 to 800 and the 2016 edition came out with the USB-C. It is hard to predict what the future has in store as far as the ports are concerned, but people like to get new stuff in the new devices and the old ports work with the previous devices only. Apple has left all these rumors behind to include USB-C without a speck of USB-A. However, the USD-C power makes it convenient for the users to plug the MacBook from any port.

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Maintaining the legacy

It is hard to say whether Apple is going to maintain its legacy in the latest release of the MacBook Pro such as bringing back the glowing logo of the company and support the request for Apple Pencil for the big trackpads, but it would be awesome to have these additions in the latest version of the MacBooks. A lot seems to be waiting for the anxious users of MacBooks, and no matter whether the release comes early or late this year, we are going to anxiously wait for watching the efforts of the company to revamp this line of devices.



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