Everyone Needs to Know about These 15 Google Maps Tips and Tricks

It’s no secret that everyone uses Google Maps to some extend nowadays. Let’s see which the best Google Maps features out there are.

  1. Google Maps Offline

You can download any map of any place from Google Maps beforehand, and then access it offline. This makes saving roaming data when you’re on a trip all the more easier.  On top of that, the Maps app automatically downloads the map of the city or town you live in.

  1. Parking Updates

If you live in a big city and you own and drive a car, then you know that finding a parking spot is hell on some days. Well, Google Maps will find you a spot, or inform you if there are absolute no parking places available in your area. Unfortunately, this feature currently works only on Android devices, but we’re hoping it will soon make its way to Apple as well.

  1. Voice Commands while Driving

This is yet another Android-only feature, but it’s too good not to include here. You can use voice commands in Maps, which makes it easier to use the app while driving.

  1. Add Stops along the Way

You can map out your entire trip with the app, down to each individual stop. Simply select your route, then select Add stop in all the places you want to stop at.

  1. Street View Shortcuts

Did you know that there are a lot of handy shortcuts to use in Google Maps’ Street View mode? Here they are in no particular order:

  • W and S to move forward and backward
  • A and D to turn left and right
  • + and – to zoom in and out
  • Left and right arrow to turn left or right
  • Up and down arrow to move forward and backward
  1. Indoor Maps

Google Maps also has some indoor maps available as of now. Although the entire process and concept of indoor mapping didn’t take off, some are still available to explore.

  1. Never Forget where You Parked Again

With Google Maps, you will always remember where you parked because the app can just tell by itself when you’ve stopped driving. So it will record the spot where you parked your car, and when you’re ready to go back home or in another direction, you can find it easily.

  1. Become a Guide in Your Area

If you know your neighborhood pretty well, you can answer some questions about it and become a local guide.

  1. Lite Mode

Maps is a very resource depleting app, but it also has a Lite Mode that is far kinder on your phone’s battery and memory stats.

  1. Measure Distances

With Google Maps, you can accurately measure the distance between any two points on Earth.

  1. Get Directions with One Click

Clicking anywhere on the Google Maps map will open a drop-down menu with directions with how to get there.

  1. God View

The Satellite View feature is what many people lovingly and jokingly refer to as ‘God View’ because it lets you oversee everything from above, just like God would. With this option you can also fly virtually across the world.

  1. Search for Establishments in Your Area

If you don’t know cafés or restaurants by name, you can just search for things like “café near 22nd Street” or “restaurants near Central Park” and see what’s nearby.

  1. Time Travel

Google Maps lets you travel back in time and see how certain areas looked before our present day.

  1. Carpooling and Ride Sharing

Google Maps also gives you the possibility to find nearby Ubers or other carpooling methods.

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