Encryption To iCloud Backups Has Been Added To WhatsApp

Encryption To iCloud Backups Has Been Added To WhatsApp

It seems that the developers of WhatsApp have brought encryption to iCloud backups and this makes sure that your messages are now as safe as possible. We have to mention that this new security feature has been added by the developers quietly and we’re not sure yet why they haven’t talked about it yet.

By bringing this new feature to the application, it will make sure that any potential loophole in the end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp will not allow the hackers to gain access to your private messages.

In concordance with some reports, iCloud backup encryption has been available for months already, but it only recently became known. However, there is a security company claiming that it was able to get around this encryption, meaning that the developers will need to work harder than this.

Oxygen Forensics, the company that has managed to get over the iCloud encryption, said that if it has access to the SIM card with the same cell number that WhatsApp is using for verification to generate the encryption key, it can “trick” the encryption. In other words, the police with access to a SIM card could potentially use it to gain access to the encrypted messages that are stored in iCloud.

We’re pretty sure that anyone cares about their privacy and WhatsApp is trying to secure it as much as possible, so that not even governments are able to access your messages. We have to mention that WhatsApp has started bringing end-to-end encryption to its users on all the platforms in April 2016 and since then, many governments were not very happy, claiming that they are not able to check criminals that are using this service to exchange important information.

What are your thoughts about the encryption added to the iCloud backups? Do you think the governments will still be able to have access to users’ backups?

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