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Enabling Flash Player On Both Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox Browsers

Enabling Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is easy. In fact, Windows and Mac users can do it without any issues at all. Here are ways to do it on both platforms.

Enabling Flash Player on Google Chrome

  • Type the link chrome://settings/content to the address bar of the Chrome browser.
  • Upon reaching the Content settings screen, select the option to Allow sites to run Flash. Then, click the Done button.
  • If you want to manage settings by website, then you have to choose Manage exceptions on this basis.
  • When you reach the Flash exceptions display screen, you need to enter the domain name, select Allow option, and click Done.
  • You can then close the Content settings option.

Enabling Flash Player on Mozilla Firefox

  • Simply select Firefox > Tools > Add-ons in order to open the dialog box for Add-ons.
  • Then, choose Plugins from this point.
  • You need to look for Shockwave Flash in the Add-ons list. This is the other name for Flash Player. Thus, check the status that would appear on the right portion of the plug-in name.
  • Select from the option on the right to Always Activate in order to enable the plug-in.
  • You can now close the dialog box after the last instruction.

At some point, errors could keep you from having a smooth operation. Such would include incompatibility with existing add-ons or settings. You can try using Chrome or Firefox in Safe Mode in order to test if the errors are caused by extensions or hardware acceleration.

Enabling Adobe Flash Player on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox from Windows and Mac has little or no difference at all. Just make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to your computer in order to facilitate the process.

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