How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

Things are changing fast. Security is now everyone’s business, and online security is being given entirely new face. These days, you have to do more than just simply signing up to access many of the social media sites around today. There is now something called two-way verification on many of these social media sites. Even the ones that have not started this process are already working towards it. Technology giants, like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Google have been at the forefront of advocating for this form of improved security. WhatsApp too has caught the fever, and it is doing more than advocating; the social media platform has rolled out its two-step verification; end users can now enable two-step verification on Whatsapp.

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The main purpose of two-step verification on Whatsapp is to improve the security of the end user.  Hackers are never asleep; they are doing all in their power to hack into people’s privacy and steal their information, including social media platforms, like Facebook and Whatsapp. With the introduction of the new verification process, anyway, end users can now have assured security on their Whatsapp. How can you enable this new security measure? Check below for steps on how to do this.

Steps to follow to enable two-step verification on WhatsApp

  • First of all, open your Whatsapp account
  • Next, go to Settings
  • From there, go to Account and click on it
  • Check the new page that shows up for “Two-step Verification.”
  • Tap on the tab to enable it.
  • A new screen will come up. In this new screen, you are required to provide the six-digit passcode.
  • You will have to enter the passcode twice.

two-step verification on Whatsapp

You can also add your email address; this is optional anyway.  The purpose of the email address is to link your Whatsapp account. In case you want to disable the two-way verification later, WhatsApp will send a code or link to the email address you provide, and you can use the link to disable the verification process.  The email address will also be used by Whatsapp to send you a link via which you can reactivate your two-way verification if you forget the 6-digit passcode that you provided while registering for the verification.  Also, WhatsApp will ask you to provide the passcode periodically. The purpose of doing this is to enable you to recall the passcode.

If you forget your passcode, you will not be allowed to access Whatsapp for seven days following the last time you used your Whatsapp platform last; this is equally part of the security measures put in place by Whatsapp. Once your seven days ban expires, you can now use your WhatsApp number to re-verify and reregister for the WhatsApp verification.  However, any message that you might have received over the past seven days during which you were banned will never be accessible to you again.

two-step verification on Whatsapp

If you wait for up to 30 days before re-verifying your account, the account will be automatically deleted, and you will have to create an entirely new account. As long as you do not forget your passcode, you will never have to go through any of the rigors above.

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