Emoji Will Multiplicate in 2018

Today everyone is using emoji. They’re the new generation of old smiley yellow smiley faces that took over our chats with a lot of funny round faces and many more small symbols. And if you thought there were enough of them, well… be ready to see more in 2018!

If you think you didn’t need more emoji, 2018 will bring 67 new ones. The movie that made them more famous and didn’t get any praises from the critics, gathered almost $25 million in the opening weekend.

These faces and symbols have already been chosen to be added on phones in 2018. Even though they look simple and easy to make, emoji are created and supervised by a group named Emoji Subcommittee which works under another bigger group, the Unicode Consortium. Big names such as Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google and many more firms are members of that Consortium and for a good reason, since they use Emoji in their apps.

So for, for 2018 there have been 67 emoji chosen to be added and some of the very funny faces featured are “salt shaker” – which will be used to call someone salty, “frowning pile of poo”, because little poo emoji hasn’t had enough love this year, “Face with uneven eyes and mouth” (tl;dr: drunk), serious face with eye mask and cape, since we’ve all seen a lot of superhero movies lately, blue face with clenched teeth and icicles, since winter is coming and many more.

The Show Will Go On


The group isn’t done with closing the list, some emoji might be added and some might get removed, so we can only hope that they’re going to make the right decisions! The emoji will be out there, although Apple, Facebook and Google will feature their own smiley faces and other symbols that would fit each of their platforms.