Emby vs. Plex

In this article, we are going to be showing you a comparison of Emby and Plex. We will be giving you details about both platforms their preferences, and also their flaws. So keep reading this article to see which one of these platforms is better.

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What are Emby and Plex?

Well, Emby and Plex are two media player platforms. You are able to stream some content on these platforms, (such as TV shows, movies…), but also organize and store some of your content. With Plex, for example, you are able to access all of the files (music, pictures, videos and etc.) that have been stored on one computer device, on any other device such as mobile or another PC.

The cost of these platforms

Emby has a monthly subscription that costs $5. You are also able to get a lifetime subscription on Emby, the cost of that is around $120. Plex’s subscription (Plex Pass) costs the same, it is $5 dollars a month, $40 a year and around $120 if you want to have lifetime access and subscription. You are also able to get Plex for free, but, of course, the Plex Pass opens up many more features to you because that is considered a premium account. On the other hand, a free account on Plex contains limited streaming content, and you are also going to get a lot of ads while streaming.

Emby and Plex’s content

You are able to watch both live TV and also stream other DVR content on both of these platforms. You can watch live TV on Emby for free, but only through one web app. And if you want to stream live TV on other devices, you will need to have the Emby premiere account. On the other hand, premier users on Plex are restricted to watch live TV.

Plex has one feature that lets you stream all kinds of contents in your house on any kind of device, but, they, of course, need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. And, you are able to use this feature for free, in your regular account you do not have to have the Plex Pass. This is really great if you do not feel like giving some of your money away just so you could stream content on different devices in your own home. However, you are able to stream Emby’s content on Apple TV, Samsung’s Smart TVs, and on Roku. You will not be able to stream on any other device because Emby does not support them. Actually, there is a way you can stream Emby on other devices, but, you will have to pay additional money for the App Unlock app.

Both of these platforms allow you to stream your content even if you are currently not at home. There is an option to download content that you can view even when you are offline. But, have in mind that this feature is available for premium accounts on both of these platforms you cannot do this on a regular account.

In conclusion

It is really a personal choice, some people prefer Emby and some prefer Plex. But, if we’d have to choose, we would go with Plex. As we mentioned, the subscription fee on both of these platforms are kind of the same, but, Plex has a wider range of devices that supports it. You are able to stream all of your content on any kind of device that you might have at home, which is actually really practical and great! So, in our eyes, Plex is the true winner of this competition.