eBay online shopping tips

The eBay online shopping seems to be very easy because you have to set up an account on eBay and connect your PayPal with it and then look for the item which you want to purchase. However, if you do not follow the right strategies, then it could prove to be very costly because in that case, you might get things at a very high rate. On the other hand, by following the right strategies, you can get the items at lower prices and can also win the bidding on auctions. Here we have prepared a list of some tips which can help you in your shopping so that you get the right thing at the right price.

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Research has its perks

Sometimes the sellers on eBay put prices which are higher and are not close to the retail or wholesale value of the item. Therefore, it is recommended that you should not believe that every price is right on eBay. To get the idea about the costs, you should check out prices of other sellers on eBay and also on other trustworthy e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Google shopping, etc.

Shipping cost

Another important thing is to consider is the cost of the shipping. There are many online stores out there, and many times people decide not to purchase in a specific store because the shipping costs are too high. When it comes to eBay, keep in mind there are sellers who offer free shipping, so it may be a great choice. Don’t rush, and don’t buy from the first seller you see. Do proper research and pick the seller who offers the best deal in every way – keeping in mind both, the price of the product and the shipping.

Selling history

It is also an excellent trick to check the selling history of an item because this way, you will get the idea when was this item sold and at what price. To check this out you can scroll down on the results page, and on the left side, you will see a “Show Only” section. Check the box which says “Completed Listings” because with it you will be able to see final listings for the item.

The sales will be shown with green prices and those which are not, correspond to the expired items which were not sold. If you want to check the items which are sold at specific prices, you can check the box which says “Sold listings.”

Consider using eBay mobile app

The app is available for both, Android and iOS. It has the same features as the website, but you may find it more convenient, especially if are on the go. You will find all you need, and with just a few clicks you will be able to purchase the desired item.

There is something else we should point out. As in every other store, the item you want to buy might be out of stock at the time. If you want to be notified as soon as the item is available again, make sure to set up email alerts. This way, as soon the item is in stock again, you will receive an email and will be able to make a purchase. You can also get alerts if the price of the item you want to purchase changes.

Checking the counteroffers

The items which come with the tag “Buy It Now” means that item is available for a fixed price. However, it does not mean you have to buy that item at that fixed price because sometimes some sellers seek the offers from the interested purchasers, also known as counteroffers and may reduce the costs.