EA’s Marketing Gambit to Allow Free Download of The Sims 4 Was a Huge Success

EA’s Marketing Gambit to Allow Free Download of The Sims 4 Was a Huge Success

The basic game Sims 4 was allowed to be downloaded free for a brief interval and this move by the game’s developer Electronic Arts proved to be a calculated one. EA would have expected that those who started playing the game would definitely be hooked on to it and make in-game purchases and that proved to be true as well. EA’s other popular game Apex Legends, which is also free to download, usually rakes in the moolah for the company. Now, Sims 4 has given it a good fight through collecting revenues.

7 Million Downloads and Decent Income through Purchases

According to EA, there were 7 million downloads of the game during the ‘free’ period and the company has released a new Island Living expansion to the game almost coinciding with this window. As mentioned, only the basic game was available for free and the gamers had to pay for the DLCs. That is how the game marketers structure their business and the customers don’t mind the arrangement.

It is not a mere coincidence that the revenue from the purchase of DLCs as add-ons in the game rose 55% around the same period for EA.

The Sims 4 PS4 Update

Its Sims 4 vs. Apex Legends

The interest among observers is how much of a competition the two games from the same developer can generate in terms of earning revenues for the company. The aspect to be noted is that the customers need to pay smaller amounts for each of the purchases they make within the Apex Legends game. In the case of Sims 4, the individual amounts to be paid may be higher but the frequency of purchases may be less. That makes the comparison interesting. Apex Legends has been a big revenue earner for EA.

As revealed by the company during the earnings call for the quarter, both these games have been instrumental in scaling the company’s revenue and profit figures reach record levels. They exceeded the expectations. The company expects that this positive trend will continue into the next few quarters as well.

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