Dummy Units Of iPhone X Plus and the Budget iPhone

Dummy Units Of iPhone X Plus and the Budget iPhone

With the next series of three iPhones by Apple being close to being released in September, we get more rumors and leaks day by day, so it is hard not to get excited.

What is new?

Today, Ben Geskin, the reliable leaker from Twitter posted some pictures which give some clues about the next iPhones’ units. The iPhone X Plus which measures 6.5 inches along with the budget LCD screened iPhone which measures 6.1 inches is said to have some dummy units, a fact which is not as exciting as previously heard rumors and leaks. Slash Leaks has also shared the same images as Ben Geskin.

In addition to this, the iPhone X Plus will come with a frame made out of stainless steel, while the budget one, in order to cut costs will be featuring a  frame made out of aluminum. As another cost-cutting measure, you can see in the pictures leaked that the budget iPhone will have slightly bigger bezels than its sibling, iPhone X Plus.

Regarding the colors of the phone, the two leaked pictures shared by Ben Gaskin show the iPhone X Plus measuring 6.5 inches in silver and the budget LCD screened iPhone which measures 6.1 inches in space gray. So when it comes to colors, Apple is not really a big fan of the rainbow. However, as the company wants with something new, more innovative, and more surprising year by year, a new gold color will be available as an option for the iPhone X Plus and iPhone X. Contrary to this, Apple will make up with the range of colors and will offer the budget LCD screened iPhone to purchase in the shades of blue, orange, yellow and others.

Where do these come from?

If you are wondering where these leaked pictures come from, their sources might be the supply chain from China. These images are on hundred percent based on leaked schematics.

As usual, the public eagerly awaits a refreshed iPhone X and of course the budget iPhone and the iPhone X Plus as well. This trio of iPhones has gained the most anticipated set of phones ever title. If you were getting ready to get your budget iPhone this September, you d need to wait as only the iPhone X Plus and iPhone X will be available for now. This is due to some manufacturing problems that might delay the appearance of the 6.1-inch model until November or hopefully October.



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