Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. OneDrive – Best Cloud Storage Comparison

Cloud Storage is certainly not a new thing, with the depute of Dropbox about ten years ago, but now that the world is more internet connected than it has ever been people having some variety in their options of cloud storage.

This service has advanced quite significantly since its humble beginnings and its main attracting point comes from its ability to have all your data available when you switch devices, but it also ensures their safety in the shape of backups.

Currently, there are three main cloud storage services which are good at doing their job, but choosing between them can be quite tricky. All three have their pros and cons, their quirks and traits.

Dropbox cloud storage

Dropbox has been released in 2007 and deserves respect for its longevity and innovation. It is unknown how long it would have taken for someone else to develop it and the subsequent sharing culture that has formed thanks to it.

Dropbox was lucky enough to also be a good service, and it didn’t fall in the mantra of ‘’first doesn’t mean best’’. It did have its periods where issues were constant, but that’s to be expected with newer technologies.

It is supported on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. You have 2GB of initial free storage, with the option to upgrade to 1TB for a $8.25 monthly payment. As for special features which you can expect from Dropbox, you can find a SSL/TLS and 256-bit AES encryption, password protection, integration with the latest Microsoft Office, and more.

Google Drive

Released in 2012, Google Drive is widely considered as the 2nd best cloud storage system, or the 2nd best known at the very least. This is in no small part due to its integration with the various services that Google also offers.

If you are a fan of Google’s services, specifically Office Suite, then Google Drive should also be part of your tools as they benefit from each other. Thanks to this, it’s considered one of the more user-friendly cloud storage services available, and it can be expanded further with the use of other tools and plugins. However, this can also be a potential drawback. It requires you to trust Google to keep your data and confidentiality safe.

Supported systems for Google drive include Web, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. The initial free storage is a decent 15GB, with the option to increase it to 100GB, 1 TB, 10 TB, 20 TB and 30 TB. This would be an advantageous cloud service for businesses.


For note-taking efficiency look no further than OneNote. OneNote is also completely free and doesn’t have features locked out for free users. To make things better, every note is saved on OneDrive.

While initially it didn’t bare the name of OneDrive, SkyDrive was its original name, Microsoft has launched its own cloud storage service in 2007. OneDrive doesn’t have any significant bad parts to it, but it’s quite specific in its design and the situations where it would be recommended to use. The first one is where you are already using (and paying for) the Microsoft Office 365, being that OneDrive is included in the package. The second one is where you want to have more free storage but you want to avoid making use of Google’s storage.

It is available for the Windows, Web, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows Mobile platforms and comes with an initial 5 GB of free storage. You can opt for an a 50GB or 1TB upgrade. You are limited to files no larger than 10 G and has real-time collaboration with the OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

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