Droid Turbo 2 From Motorola Has A Very Strong Screen

Motorola released two video ads on YouTube. These videos, titled “Afterlife” and “Rescue” show the advantage of the shatterproof Droid Turbo 2 screen. It compares the strength of 2 smartphone screens. Even though they didn’t mention the brand of the other smartphones, we can guess those are: Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s. When those smartphones fall down, both screens are broken. But, it didn’t happen to Droid Turbe 2 when it hit the ground. It seems the screen look fine and has no cracks at all.

It is a commercial video, not a real world test. Through  that video, Motorola wants to show us they are ready to compete with their fabulous screen feature.  Motorola seems to be the only smartphone with this kind of feature. As you know, Samsung Galaxy S7 are iPhone 6s more popular and both smartphones have the better camera and internal hardware than Droid Turbo 2, but both have a weakness and that is a fragile screen. And, Motorola uses these circumstances by making Droid Turbo 2, so it will have a slot in the market. They know that one of the most common and most annoying smartphone issues is that once the device falls down, the fall will damage the screen and it will be cracked or broken. This strategy can attract the users attention and many people will be willing to buy it.

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