Dragon Age 4 and 5 May Keep To DA 3 Storyline

It won’t be long before Dragon Age Trilogy becomes something else entirely – Dragon Age 4, though not much is known, will have one surprising change that makes it different from previous installments of the series.

Keeping the Protagonist

True Dragon Age fans know about the series’ plot, which is the introduction of a new protagonist in every game. Thus, a new character is introduced in each game installment even though the games are connected in some form or fashion due to the plot.

Dragon Age 4 (and even 5) may not introduce another protagonist. DA 3 had some unresolved mysteries to it, which had fans clamoring to learn what happened. It appears game developers were listening and are going to give them what they want. DA 4 and DA 5 may be the same protagonist from DA 3, continuing the storyline.

DA 5 Liable To Be The Same Way

Again, DA 5 may hold with this same pattern. Mike Laidlaw, who is the writer for the Dragon Age series, said the next sequel continues with DA 5. If that’s true, DA 4 is the first game of the series to stick with the same protagonist with the DA 5 doing the same thing. Thus, one plot is spread out over three games. Nothing is for sure though. The notion is fairly credible though.

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