Don’t Treat Web Security Lightly and get McAfee WebAdvisor today

Don’t Treat Web Security Lightly and get McAfee WebAdvisor today

Web security is a topic that most people wouldn’t want to talk about simply because it’s rather dull and boring. There’s nothing colorful or mood enhancing in talking about all the different things that are out there and would like nothing more than to destroy your PC and maybe even still your information. However, that’s the biggest mistake that PC users make nowadays, they pretend everything is alright and don’t give web security the attention it needs.

If you want your computer to remain safe, you need a competent web security suite such as McAfee WebAdvisor. However, you probably need a little bit more information if you are to trust a third party tool with the protection of your computer and online integrity. That’s fair enough, so we’re going to give you a couple of reasons for which you should get a web security tool.

The beauty of plugins

One of the best things about McAfee is that they offer a web security solution that comes in the form of a plugin. This is quite useful for situations in which you don’t want to overcrowd your computer with all sorts of software. Having a web browser plugin instead of a individual software solution means that you can keep your system clean more efficiently.

Make a special list

The tool also gives you the ability to make lists on which to feature your trusted websites and domains. You can order the tool to act in a certain way towards websites that aren’t on the list or towards those that are. It’s very useful when you normally access a lot of websites or quite the reverse, you barely ever access any domains at all aside from a few favorites.


Probably the most important feature, it lets you know if a link or website is safe to access before you access it. When you feed it information about what you want to access, it will scout ahead basically and see if it’s secure. If not, it will warn you about the potential danger. If everything seems in order, it will let you proceed unhindered.


While other security solutions might be more demanding in terms of expertise or even IT savvy, McAfee’s suggestion comes as a swift and easy to use plugin which accomplishes its task. Most often, the most effective solutions are those that don’t require a lot of hassle.



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