Does Amazon deliver on Sunday?

Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world, and with just a few clicks you can buy a variety of things. As its popularity keeps increasing, people are wondering does Amazon deliver on Sunday? While you may expect a straightforward answer, it is actually a bit more complex.

The answer is complex because Amazon works with not one, but several carriers in the US. Some of the carriers are offering an option of Sunday delivery while others don’t. Amazon works with independent carriers as well. With all this being said, it is possible that you may get the package you are waiting for on Sunday. It all depends on the carrier.

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Amazon Prime and Sunday delivery

Being a part of the Amazon Prime program is a great way to enjoy same-day deliveries, and since the service is available seven days a week, it means that Sundays are included. But, this goes only for certain products and for certain areas in the US. It means it is not available everywhere, at least not yet. When it comes to free delivery on the same day, it is available for certain products and orders over $35.

What to do if you’re home over the weekend only?

For many people, the ideal time to receive packages from Amazon is over the weekend, especially Sundays. But as you can see, Sunday delivery depends on the carrier, and if you are using Prime, it may work but only for certain items and only in certain areas.

However, there is another option to go for, and that is Amazon’s locker. You get receive the order in one of the businesses that are nearby. And the package is delivered, Amazon will notify you so you can pick it up. You will receive the special combination so that you can unlock the locker. This allows you to pick up your order on Sundays as well, or any other day when the particular business or store is open.