Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S9? We got good news – Android 9 Pie

Samsung has been showing its phone manufacturing skills for a while now, but the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are the game changers. They were released a few months ago, in March, and their innovative feature has been attracting buyers since.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, the smartphones of the year?

Besides the fact that the fingerprint scanner has changed its place and it is now mounted in a more accessible location, the camera of the Galaxy S9 is brand new as well with such a system that even the worst photographer can take great pictures and also it came equipped with an extremely fast processor. is one of this Android device’s early fans as it gave it five stars in a review. That must mean it is a great phone, right?

David Snelling, a technology editor, agrees with them and he considers the Samsung Galaxy S9+ the device which should be regarded as the smartphone of the year. He adds that its curved design is stunning offering sublime looks and its display also has the best functionality in all phones at the moment. Snelling also compares the Galaxy S9+ with a home PC as its processor offers a slock experience due to its power.

How will Galaxy S9 and S9+ look like with Android 9 P?

These new phones, Galaxy S9, and S9+ were running on Android Oreo when they got released, but since then we were delighted to witness the introduction of Android 9 Pie.

Android 9 Pie debuted in August, and it is considered the most significant operating system from Google, but unfortunately, it is only available on Pixel phones at the moment.

The South Korean tech giant offered a potential list of devices that will receive the update to the Android 9 Pie, but Samsung has not confirmed anything yet.

XDA Developers has offered as a teaser in which we can see how the new operating system would look on a Galaxy S9 and S9+ by Samsung’s Experience software running on top of Android 9 Pie.

If you did not know this, Samsung Experience is the skin that runs over Android, and it also makes the software look different on their phones compared to how it looks like running on the operating system provided by Google.

The publication did not wait to add that it only is a very early development build of Android Pie and that it might look different when it gets for sure on the Samsung devices. There are bugs as well in that teaser.

What the fans have noticed the quickest is the new AMOLED dark theme which they are very happy to be introduced, however, for the entire Android user interface it acts as a dark mode.

Samsung messages app and other native applications were not forgotten, and they have been updated to including dark themes.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S9? We got good news – Android 9 Pie 1

The software also offers gesture controls which is a feature widely discussed by Google since it first showed off Android 9 Pie.

According to Google, it is very important to make your phone more adaptive and smarter, but Android must keep being easy to use and more approachable. Now there is a new navigation system which was introduced with the Android 9, and it features a single home button. As phones get taller, this is very helpful because it is not as easy to get things done with only one hand on this big phone. With a clean and just home button, you can swipe up, and you will see the Overview with a new design that also shows previews of the apps you use the most.

There are a lot of pictured XDA Developers offered of how the Android 9 Pie would look like running on Samsung hardware.

Sam Mobile is also “testing Android 9 Pie for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in every country at the moment”.

We bet Samsung fans will be delighted by this news as they will get one great software.

Beta versions of the software might also be released by Samsung, but the bugs will become more prominent, so they need to work on it thoroughly.

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