Do We Get to Enjoy Three Versions of Samsung Galaxy S10?

Rumor has it, Samsung is presently doing its job for three versions of the soon-to-be Galaxy S10 smartphone (it’s safe to call It flagship). People see this as a strategic move that would match with Apple’s release plan.

It’s been said that all of the three phones will give us lots of new features that were not seen in the previous Galaxy devices ever. The developers referred to them as Beyond 0, Beyond 1, and Beyond 2, but we cannot be surprised since they were used before.

We will have three versions of this phone

Beyond 0 represents an entry-level model, also known as the mini alternative of the Galaxy S10. This phone will have a fingerprint sensor which will be placed on the side, and not on the back, as they usually did it – probably where you’d normally put the thumb. We think this is actually a very interesting design. But with all of this in mind, we also think that Beyond 0 will not have an in-display fingerprint scanner, just like the others.

We know all of this from The Bell, which is a Korean publication that cited anonymous sources. It says that Beyond 1 and Beyond 2 (let’s call them Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus) will get in-display fingerprint scanners. This seems to be one of the most prominent upgrades of Samsung, even if Samsung is not the only one to put this in its plan. Vivo does that too.

If they lose the fingerprint scanner from the back and put it to the side, the Galaxy S10 devices will show that they’ve listened to the critics about the placement on the new Galaxy phones.

It’s probable that the Galaxy S10 lineup will be even more expensive than their forerunners. According to The Bell, you’ll pay $15 for the in-display fingerprint element. This means that you’ll pay seven times the price of a regular fingerprint scanner, which would be rear-mounted. Qualcomm is the supplier of the optical fingerprint sensors which are going to be used for Samsung. We’ll also get the Chinese camera component O-Film. So the display of Samsung will attach the in-display fingerprint element to the famous OLED display.

What’s the difference between these 3?

Not all the specs of these devices are done since Beyond 0 was added very recently. We cannot wait to see how these three devices are going to be different from each other if we are to take into account their entry-level category.

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