Discover The New Features Coming To iOS 12 Next Year

Technology evolves quickly, and most companies have to work constantly to keep up. That is the reason why we receive OS updates constantly. Apple’s iOS 11 was released last year, and it appears that the tech giant has already decided what will be the features that will come with iOS 12.

A new report revealed that iOS 12 won’t bring major features. As it turns out, this upcoming update will focus more on enhancing the performance and the quality of the software. Instead, Apple will release some important changes with the 2019 software update.

Planned features were delayed

All the other improvements will come in time, so users will have to wait more for them. It is not hard to understand this delay, and we should appreciate the fact that the company will improve the quality and the performance first.

It makes sense for Apple to focus on improving the software first, as the company has been criticized for many issued, including security ones, as well as issues related to the battery life.

Important changes

The major features include things as monitoring how long apps are being used and the overall screen times, and it appears that there will be a redesigned home screen as well. Users can also expect an improved photo management application. More than that, the Photos app will receive some updates this year and there will be better sorting algorithms in the future.

Another important thing would be augmented reality multiplayer for gaming. While these new additions sound really good, you should remember that they will not necessarily come with the iOS 12 release. Instead, Apple will focus on improving the software and making it as stable as possible.

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