Differences With Windows 10 Anniversary Vs Creators Update

There is too much buzz over the Internet about the recent update to Windows 10, particularly the Anniversary and Creators Update. Here are some notable differences between the two that might shed some light into the situation.

According to sources, the Creators Update has been the latest update for Windows 10 that was released beginning April 11, 2017. However, this update has prioritized desktops, which allows you to become creative in using Windows 10.

This update will also introduce a set of features for everyone. Nevertheless, the said improvements are known to be mere extensions of the Anniversary Update that began in 2016. The features that would set them both apart are presented here.

Improvements to Cortana

The launching of the Anniversary Update would allow Cortana to move beyond the desktop to the lock screen. For instance, you can ask Cortana about the weather or perform tasks that would include playing a song without logging into the device. This has been made possible with the wake-on-voice chip from Intel. Moreover, it can answer your question by waking up when your PC is asleep.

On the other hand, the Creators Update has added new tricks to Cortana. Even when your PC is locked or idle for a certain period of time, you can still use it by setting recurring reminders. It can even scan the Outlook and Office 365 accounts for previous commitments, as it can set reminders based on such details.

At the same time, Cortana has learned some new voice commands with this new update. Thus, it can be used to restart or turn off your computer, adjust volume, lock your screen, and put your PC to sleep.

Improvements to Microsoft Edge

The Anniversary Update has enabled support for Microsoft Edge’s extensions, including Evernote, Amazon, Adblock, Pocket, LastPass, and Pinterest. The update also allowed the ability to pin tabs on the browser, swipe navigation, Web notifications, history menu, and the paste-and-go tool, among others.

However, the Creators Update allows the expansion of features in which you can set aside tabs to be used later, play 4K Netflix videos, save current browsing session for later, and read some ebooks within the browser.

Improved Security

The Anniversary Update has allowed the performance of offline scans using the Windows Defender. This would stop malware from doing any harm by using the Internet connections. The latest version of the operating system would allow you to use Automatic Sample Submission and Cloud Protection. It can thwart malicious attacks on Windows Information Protection and on networks via the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Detection.

The Creators Update has introduced the ability to check PC health via the Windows Defender Security Center and by providing additional notifications regarding the status of your computer. Moreover, you can use the console to control how the PC should be used. You can also use the console that will enable you to control the use of your PC. On the other hand, if you like to install a clean installation of Windows, you would be able to do so by clicking the button named fresh start to perform a clean installation of Windows.

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