Did You Know There Is A Secret Code To Improve Iphone Signal

Mobile phone manufacturers have introduced some secret codes since the appearance of the first devices and not even the iPhone has escaped the secret codes “mania”, and many of them were actually copied from other manufacturers. In addition, some of the mobile network operators have created specific iPhone secret codes to check different parameters, such as network strength, which is what I will teach you today.

The first codes were offering basic information like the IMEI code, the software version of your phone or details about the hardware and battery. However, lately, a new type of secret code has emerged, a secret code for iPhone which allows you to check the numerical value of your smartphone’s reception, along with other information related to the surrounding cell towers.

So, what’s the code and how does it work?

First, you will have to dial *3001#12345#* and hit call, this will open the Field Test application.


The hidden measurement system is not based on a 1-10 scale or “good” or “bad” rating, but the values are always negative. This means that -50 is the best reception possible, while about -120 is the end of the scale, meaning you will barely be able to send a text. If you are above -80 this is very good, and would be considered full bars. If you are below -100 this is very bad, and would be considered few bars on the normal signal strength indicator.

To make the switch permanent, you will need to keep pressing the power button until the “Slide to power down” slider comes up, then hold down the home button until the app exits, you can now tap on the carrier name to change between the numerical value and the visual representation (in bars) without going into “Field Test” mode.

Bonus: 14 More iPhone Secret Codes

1. *#06#. Allows you to see the IMEI unique number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity)
2. #002#. Turns off the Call Forward service. After forming this code, all incoming calls are coming on your number.
3. *#21#. Provides the ability to obtain information about the redirection of data (in particular, calls and messages). This code is useful for those who want to check if they are being spied.
4. *#62#. Show which number receives calls forwarded from your phone.
5. *#30#. Lets you see the number of No Caller ID calls.
6. #31# + Phone number. Blocks caller identification for the call.
7. *33*#. Turns on Call Blocking.
8. #33*#. Turns off Call Blocking.
9. *3370#. Improves the quality of communication code (thanks to full-size coding mode), but drains the battery faster.
10. #3370#. Disables full-size coding.
11. *43#. Shows Call Waiting settings.
12. #43#. Disable Call Waiting.
13. *#43#. Shows more information about Call Waiting.
14. *#61#. This code allows you to check missed calls.

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