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Did Someone Finally Invented A Real Hoverboard? A Company Claims It Did

Not long ago, a video in which a person was flying on a hoverboard went viral on the internet. A real one, without wheels. The prototype was presented by Zapata Racing, a company known for Flyboard, a device propelled by water jets.

According to Zapata Racing, Flyboard Air can reach altitudes of 3,000 meters and a maximum speed of 150 km/h. It seems too good to be real? Some netizens think and argue that the published video by Zapata Racing is edited.

In response to criticism, the company released a second clip on Facebook, where someone is flying with a Flyboard Air. Zapata Racing claims that they have been working on the device for 4 years, and despite the effort, the hoverboard is still not ready production.

To convince the world that Flyboard Air isn’t a fake, Zapata Racing will have to explain in detail how the hoverboard works.

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