Did Rockstar Games Force GTA 5 Players to be Always Online?

GTA 5 RockStar

Rockstar Games launched a new application called the Rockstar Games Launcher and as a welcome gift for its users, they gave away GTA San Andreas for free for everyone who installed the GTA Launcher. But the video game house has other plans in mind. As soon as the players installed the Rockstar Games Launcher, they were unable to play GTA San Andreas in offline mode.

The Rockstar Games launcher can be used to launch different Rockstar Games titles from one place. The launcher also functions as an online store where you can buy Rockstar Games titles like Grand Theft Auto 5: Premium Editions and other older titles as well.

A Reddit user Jax765 commented that Rockstar Games “trojan horsed” their new launcher into the Steam edition of GTA 5. This has a lot of gamers angry as the game takes a long time to load up when they are online, and the Rockstar Games Launcher adds to the loading time further.

Rockstar Games’ decision was met by harsh criticism and uproar by the gaming community which forced them to admit this issue. Rockstar Games addresses this issue by saying, “we are aware of a problem that is affecting the ability to play offline of some users, at the moment we are examining the issue “.

GTA 5 Offline Mode

Some Redditors got to the base of this problem. According to “Average_Tnetennba”, what the launcher is doing is that it is establishing a dual control system that forces the firewall on windows to restrict the startup of the game if there is no Internet connection. It forces the game to shut down even if the connection is gone for a few seconds. Rockstar has assured us that the issue is being fixed and it is just a bug and not an intentional feature of the Rockstar Games Launcher.

The gaming community is accusing Rockstar Games of forcing a new kind of DRM for its most popular game. The game studio was also under debate previously for updating the PC version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with a port of its mobile version to the online PC game store Steam.

Update (September 20): The bug which prohibited users from playing GTA 5 single-player while being offline has been patched by Rockstar Games. According to them, the bug was caused due to the launcher looking for updates for GTA 5 every time the game was launched by the user. Players can now play GTA 5 single-player without being online.

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  1. The Steam version is still broken, so its always online for Steam users. That’s Steam DRM + Rockstar Games Launcher + 24/7 always online DRM.

    They sure like to treat their customers like criminals.

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