Diamond Casino DLC Shatters a Record That None of the GTA 5 DLCs Have Ever Achieved

GTA 5 Online Casino

Ever since the launch of Diamond Casino – the latest GTA Online DLC update – GTA Online fans have been crazy about it. The update has turned out to be more successful than any other previous DLC in the GTA V Universe and has roped in larger numbers than ever in terms of revenue and players. In recent news, Rockstar Games has officially declared that Diamond Casino has broken records with respect to a number of players in GTA Online.

The story behind Diamond Casino

The Diamond Casino & Resort update is a new DLC element that’s exclusively available in GTA Online. The casino’s storyline revolves around its frontrunner Agatha Baker, GTA gangster Tao Cheng, and their plans to keep it out of the reach of The Duggans. The Duggans are a notorious petrochemical family from Texas, aiming for a hostile takeover of the Casino to expand their business.

The Casino was started in a vacant property that has been tagged with an “opening soon” sign ever since GTA V’s release in September 2013. Although the casino is still unavailable in the offline story mode, in the GTA Online story, it is up and running with six new story missions along with tones of other in-game features. Players can try their luck at the Casino Lucky wheel, gamble, and even buy one of the private penthouses and host their own parties! So it goes without saying that the Casino became a major hit as soon as it was released.

The record-breaking news

Although no specific numbers have been released by Rockstar (yet), in a statement reported by The Hollywood Reporter, they said that The Diamond Casino update raked in players in the biggest numbers ever for GTA Online for a single day on July 23, and for a single week from July 23 to July 29. It is highly unusual for the DLC updates on a six-year video game to break records amid new releases every day, but then again nothing is usual in GTA V. The game has sold over a whopping 110 million copies so far and is the highest-grossing media title ever. In the six years since its release, GTA V has brought in over $6 billion in revenue, which is even more than Avengers: Endgame movie.

As of now, GTA fans around the world are eagerly waiting for GTA 6. Rockstar has confirmed that the game is in the works, and if some online rumors are to be believed, it will feature multiple cities including the classics – Liberty City and Vice City.

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