Devil May Cry 5 – Rumors, Updates, News, Features and Release Date

Devil May Cry 5 – Rumors, Updates, News, Features and Release Date

After ten years of supposition and guesswork, the release of Devil May Cry 5 and the trailer have been announced with great pomp and fervor in a news conference. Gamers can finally get a glimpse of Nero, Dante and the rest of the friends and know how to fight the demons.  The direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4 makes the gamers excited and fans will be happy to get something for which they have been waiting for over ten years.

In this version of the game, Nero, the main protagonist has short hair and is ready to create hullabaloo with the mechanical arm and the badass sword. He can use the mechanical arm to propel through the environment. The incidents take place in the Red Grave City and Nico, his sidekick, creates all those new and upgraded weapons. The demon hunter Dante is also back in the sequel and he is seen on a motorcycle with a sharp and snide grin on the face.

Devil May Cry 5 Release Date

The developer of the game, Capcom, has confirmed that this action-adventure hacking game with slashing videos is to be released in the spring of 2019.

Devil May Cry 5 Release Date

High energy game

As a high energy game that you can expect in this sequel, the trailer gives you a sneaky peep. For the first two and a half minutes you are awestruck by the video, there is a lot of action and a story that mashes up to cool gameplay and it takes you on a fantasy ride. You experience a feeling similar to Ninja Theory’s Grittier and as you watch it, the mixed feelings start resurfacing again.

Nero and his new arm

The footage revealed so far shows Nero, and it is clear that he is one of the three major characters in this version of the game. Undoubtedly, he looks absurd at times but the shining capabilities of Nero that surfaces through his mechanical arm are fantastic. This arm is loaded with new abilities as it grapples the enemies from a distance within his range and goes on to create waves of electricity. There are some cool moves you will come across as Nero performs with his new arm such as blasting it off as a projectile in multiple directions and freezing his opponents quickly.

Devil May Cry 5 nero

When you take into account the intensity of combat in this new version of the game, you can expect better clarity and the movements are sharper and clearer. With characters that are well-defined and an action game that is easy to read, Devil Cry 5 has terrific speed, is zesty and the spontaneous actions provide a great deal of joy to the gamers.

Continuity of the old with new additions

The new game still includes some of the most amazing and exciting elements, but the game director Hideaki Itsuno tells the story of a new threat from demons that are coming to invade the world. The action initiates as the tree is rooted in Red Grave City and unleashes regiments and battalions that are hellish and the population is gradually compelled to go into a state of complacency after living in peace for years. Joining the brigade is Nico who has created a new demonic and mechanical arm for Nero.

Devil May Cry 5 New addition

Nico is one character in this story that seems to be carefree, but she takes her work very seriously and does not work for free. Dante appears during the end of the trailer in his sick motorcycle although not much is known yet about this part of the story. The action jumps between the heroes of the story sequentially, and no one is quite sure about the third protagonist of the game.

Devil May Cry 5 Rumors

Even though the information that comes from ResetEra cannot be verified, this rumor about the game seems to be logical and legitimate and also provides a hint that the game is into its developmental stage.

Even though it is slated to be released in the spring of 2019, the original idea was to release it in November 2018, but somehow the release date is pushed back to the early of 2019. The game was initially to be released at PSX, but after receiving reports, Sony decided to move back from this option and scaled to E3 2018.

Devil May Cry 5 Rumors

The gamers can expect a demo sometime before the release, and it seems that it has been in development for about two years, and by the time of the release it can go up to three years. It seems to be a pretty long time when compared with the pre-production that started in 2015. There are a number of hiccups in the development but overall, the progress has been smooth.

There is some form of restriction coming from PlayStation, but the extent of funding from Sony is not yet known. Whether it is going to be console or PS4 exclusive is yet to be found. You can take the news with a pinch of salt and wait for the final release.

The major leak in ResetEra also claims that the team of Hideaki Itsuno has worked on this previously and also on the series of Dragon’s Dogma which is behind the release of the upcoming version of the game so you can expect some of the features of the series.

Features of Devil May Cry 5

The level design in this version of the game is open and the movements that are highlighted outside the combat have been streamlined to match this openness. The exploration and the level design matches Bayonetta with the set pieces of action thrown in there, but there are no QTE’s.

Devil May Cry 5 Feature

The gamers can expect more encounters with the enemies, and dodging is likely to be smoother than the previous game although a lot of emphases has been laid on the clothes. The characters seem to be less stiff than before, and the animation during the battles is fantastic. With a new camera system which is more dynamic, it pulls back during the fighting sessions. The ranking and the mission is similar to the previous games, and gamers can expect more style in Dante just as the enemies react differently to that style. Styles have distinctive advantages over the enemies in the game. This game is open world although inspirations from different sources may have been taken to make it more accomplished, and it is hard to overlook the dynamic environment of the game.

The focus of the plot

Can the gamers expect a new plot in Devil May Cry 5? Is it the façade of Devil that comes out through the character of Nero? For now, it is the analysis that provides the much-needed excitements and thrill before the actual release date. The right arm of Nero is infused with special powers in the sequel, and if you go back to the previous version of the game, you will notice readily that Nero has some kind of supernatural strength even though there seemed to have been a sort of discomfort that he faced with these abilities. In this version, the robotic arm is not shown in the beginning, but the power is revealed greatly as he is shown slaying down a group of demons.

Devil May Cry 5 news

In this new game, you can expect a new ally of Nero as you can see the bespectacled woman, Nico wearing a brown dress talking to a soldier about replacing the robotic arm of Nero and making it more powerful as it is considered the primary and central element of the gameplay.

Platforms of Devil May Cry 5

The launching platform of this game is PlayStation 4, but it will come to the PCs later. With a target of sixty frames per second for the consoles, it is likely to make its way to Xbox One but the debut will be on Microsoft E3 2018 Press Conference.

Massive visuals

While the visual elements of the game reveal a photorealistic quality, the team responsible for the development of the game has included a 3D scan for the characters and the clothes that they wear in this game. The images in this game are closely similar to live action. The clothes have been created in the real world and the process of scanning takes place thereafter. Just as the faces and the bodies of the characters have been scanned, there are no wrinkles that you will see. All this is to bring the effect close to reality. The scanning process of the game has taken place in the studio. Capcom, the developer of the game has also utilized their own studio situated in Osaka, but the base of the characters is shown in London and the services of a nearby studio have been taken into account.

Devil May Cry 5 3D scan

As Nero brandishes the sword to create an effect of grandeur needs to look realistic. The entire game is still in the frame of animation while responding to the inputs of the players.

Improving the original game

The release of the game Devil Cry May has been controversial and has divided the fan base. Some of them love the new take and the approach of Dante while the rest are still in awe of the protagonist of the story. Apparently, the team of the game is proud about their previous releases, but they are keen to improve the game after sneaking in the mistakes they have made in the past. In this sequel, Devil May Cry 5, you will get hints of improvements, and it is one of those versions that target the fans. The fans have been desperately waiting to get a sequel of the original storyline and the present version of the game is likely to address their needs specifically, but right now the gamers need to keep their fingers crossed.



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