Detroit: Become Human – Tips, Tricks and Recent Releases

Detroit: Become Human – Tips, Tricks and Recent Releases

The last Quantic Dream game that made it to PC was Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy back in 2005. Fans have been waiting to see if other games from this studio would port over to PC, but so far they had little to no luck. Today we will be talking about Detroit: Become Human. We will address the problems with it, when (and if) it is going to be released for PC and we will also give you a small guide to get you better acquainted with the game’s dynamic.

Tips and tricks

Before we get into some of the problems that people have complained about when it comes to this game we will start off by giving you a beginners guide. As per usual, getting thrown into a new fictional universe where you have to play characters who have to interact with their environment is usually a dreadful task. Not because the game might be tedious but because you have to adapt very fast to collecting evidence, making choices and even trying to uncover all the possible outcomes (that’s if you are more of a perfectionist gamer).

The main things that you need to focus on while playing Detroit: Become Human are finding the Collectibles, exploring the game and being careful of your decisions and the consequences that they have.

The game itself relies solely on the player having to explore the universe around him. Think of it like you are a crime analyst and you have been called to investigate a murder. You must take your time and discover all the evidence that is found on that crime scene. Only after you have seen everything, you can make the decision that takes into account all of the possible outcomes.

Do not worry too much about this responsibility that you have. The choices are morally grey, and your ethics will guide you toward the paths that you choose for each character. If you are not happy with the outcome, then you can replay the chapter as many times as you want to uncover all the possible scenarios. The chapter will be 100 percent completed when you have managed to find all the possible endings and when you grabbed all the collectibles.

Speaking of collectibles, they are equally crucial to the game. And not just from the perspective of an avid collector. Some of these collectible items are Newspapers and Magazines that you have to read once you find them. They contain valuable information about Detroit and what is going on in the city.  For instance, if you find and read all of the magazines in the game, you will get the Bookworm trophy. Keep an eye out for these collectibles since they will usually be found in places where you often wouldn’t think of.

Problems with the game

Some people have already started to complain that what Quantic tried to do was provide a very see-through cover for introducing real-life issues (such as racism, domestic abuse, and social inequality). So far so good. The problem arises when you have to make life or death decisions while also being constrained by a limited time window to make our choice. This does not allow the user to ponder over his or her decision. They usually rapidly click the option that they see first and agree with.

The game is focused on the prejudice and discrimination that Androids are going through at the hands of humans. We see this world through the eyes of three different Androids. The first one is Connor, whose life is a metaphor for the anger that humans take out on androids since they believe that these machines are taking away their jobs. Kara, the second character, has to go through the difficult emotional struggle of seeing her human master abuse his young daughter. Markus, the third character, is a metaphor for the moralizing aspect of this game. He has to find out what kind of leader he wants to be for the android revolution.

Quantic is trying to mask the issue of institutional racism by transforming it into the battle between Androids and humans and all the problems that Androids are faced with on a daily basis. We cannot be the only ones that compared this struggle to the fight for equal right for people of color back in the 20th century.

Will it come to PC?

Yes, this game may have its faults but it is still a beautifully constructed immersive experience, and fans are wondering if the game will ever be released for PC as well. Quantic Dream is known for only releasing their games to PlayStation. And with Detroit: Become Human having been released just two days ago on PS4, with no word of it coming to other platforms, it looks like PC exclusive gamers will sit this one out.

Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls were also games released only to PlayStation and the fact that years have passed after their release and no word has come out about them coming to PC is an indicator that the company is not going to do that. After all, the script alone for this game took two years to finish and to port it over to PC would be a complicated task.

This leaves PC fans with two options: buy a PS4 and play the game the way the studio wants it to be played or wait for god knows how many years until a PS4 emulator is going to come out.



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