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Details of the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Bluetooth Tracker Revealed

Everyone knows that Samsung has been developing a fantastic object tracker called Galaxy Smart Tag for quite some time now. It is very different from the Apple AirTag that is already popular in the market. Details of the official Smart Tag model, EI-T5300, have been pouring in for the last few weeks. The problem is that this news flow is not continuous and is getting buried under the constant happening of more exciting events. For example, Galaxy S21 spoilers are some of the most exciting news recently.

A South Korean Certification authority possesses an image of the schematic of EI-T5300, along with other details. The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is a comparatively thin device fueled by a unique, detachable 3V CR2032 button cell. Additionally, Samsung describes it as a Smart Tag that has a find phone button. In other words, the sketches look like “Tiles.”

More information about the Smart Tag

It is already clear that the new Smart Tag device will have perfect compatibility with the latest SmartThingsFind feature. In this case, the main question is how to achieve the expected tracking, reporting, and positioning. According to the information so far, the new EI-T5300 Smart Tag has been certified only as a Bluetooth LE device. It means that quite a few other advanced features such as UWB, GPS, and/or LTE may not be present.

The details clarify that the probable absence of the features mentioned above may not entirely be bad news. It is because the Smart Tag device will come with a Bluetooth 5.1 version certification. This is an update to the traditional communication module that has a signal direction functionality that is used for powering tracking tags and indoor navigation. So, there is quite an amount of leverage, making Samsung’s intentions clear regarding this device. The market expects an intelligent machine that offers a next-gen positioning experience up to 1000m outdoors and 400m indoors. The device also consumes very little power.

What about the pricing?

According to some sources, there will be two colors in which the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag will be available. They are oatmeal and black. When it comes to the availability and pricing, industry experts suggest a January 14 launch alongside Galaxy S21 smartphones. The device should be available for sale in stores as well. The suggested MSRP is approximately EUR 15 to 20.

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