Destiny 2 for PC: Get it Free till Nov 18

Destiny 2: Though Destiny 2 is an online-only game, Bungie, the developers of the game, have offered a 10-days+ window for PC users to download the game for keeps. And it is absolutely free! The only catch is they may not be able to enjoy the latest additions to the gameplay. But for gamers, it will be still a great opportunity to try their hands at this first-person shooting game. There will be no shortage of fun and excitement. If you wish to know whether the game’s last expansion, Forsaken, will be included in this or not, the response is, no, it won’t be.

Short Duration Concessions

As mentioned, the developers of Destiny 2 have announced that from November 6 till November 18, anyone with a account will be entitled to download the game on their PCs without having to make any payment whatsoever. It has to be added here that though you can’t get Forsaken unless you pay for it and purchase it, you can get to play the Gambit mode. This, again, is only available for 3 days November 9 to 11. In this mode, as you know, you have the options to play versus another player (PvP) and versus the elements within the game (PvE). There is a kind of combination of these modes making the game quite immersive. So, not only do you get the 10-12 days period to download the vanilla game on your PC for free but these three days you can play one of the recently added modes as well. So, join the battle and freak out shooting everyone and everything that comes your way. These will be some exciting hours spent gaming. Come November 18, the game will get back to the priced games list.

If you are new to the game, go through the relevant sites that give you the gameplay details and the finer aspects of the game. The rest of it you will pick up as you start playing. You may keep losing a few times but as you spend more time on the console or now on your PC, you can even turn into a professional gamer on Destiny 2. The general consensus is that the game has many ingredients to ensure you don’t get bored. Enjoy it when the going is good.

Destiny 2 Forsaken in for a Reset

Just as Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2 has made those juicy announcements on the game’s free download for PC, the main game with the expansion, Forsaken, will go for a reset. It’s called the Weekly Reset and during this period, all progress you have made in the game will be erased and when the game is back live after the reset, you will have to start playing all over again from the start. The game has seen several resets, 8 in all, and the current reset will apply across all platforms on which the Destiny 2 Forsaken is played, X-Box, PlayStation PS-4 as well as PC. For the record, the reset has already started, including in the US.

If you are a regular gamer on Destiny 2, you must head to the game’s site or other resources where you can find out the exact status of the different rewards and progresses you had made in the game before the latest reset took effect.

Don’t miss the opportunity.

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