An in-depth Review of the HP Spectre x360 15 and Macbook Pro 15 laptops (2017 Variants)

An in-depth Review of the HP Spectre x360 15 and Macbook Pro 15 laptops (2017 Variants)

If you are want to purchase a new laptop, but you are feeling overwhelmed by a number of options available, then you might want to read this article and learn about two outstanding models: the updated 15.4-inch MacBook Pro and the 15.6-inch HP Spectre X360.

Comparing the two devices

On one hand, the Hewlett-Packard Company offers beautiful designs, high-quality and a relatively good price. They use a very consumer-oriented approach and the result is outstanding.

On the other hand, the Apple Company offers powerful and high-quality laptops, with the already famous Apple design, at a higher price.

Spec Sheets

The HP Spectre x360 uses an Intel Core i7-7500 Kaby Lake processor; it has 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD drive. Also, the graphics are outstanding:  Nvidia GeForce 940MX GPU and Intel HD Graphics 620. The 15.6-inch display has high resolution and it is larger than the MacBook Pro by 2 inches. The consumers have several options in terms of configuration.

The MacBook Pro 15 laptop version of 2017 has a base configuration with an Intel quad-core Core i7 2.8GHz 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPU. It also offers a retina display (15.4-inch 2880-by-1800), AMD Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB and Intel HD Graphics 360. All these features are very impressive and also very expensive.


The MacBook Pro 15 is built with high-quality aluminum. It is light and slim (more than the Spectre x360) with around 4 pounds (1.8 kg). The Macintosh portable computers have a 0.61-inch of thickness and fans are in love with its exterior look.

The exterior of the Spectre x360 is also made out of one block of aluminum and it gives a body armor feeling when you look at it. The weight of the portable computer is of 4.4 pounds (1.99 kg, more than the MacBook Pro 15). The laptop gives a good impression looking strong and robust.

Power and Performance

The Spectre x360 15 laptop uses an Intel Core i7-7500U dual-core processor (Intel’s 7th generation). Some experts, however, seemed rather disappointed for its lack of a quad-core processor (the MacBook Pro 15 does have a quad core processor). The graphic performance is sustained by the Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics chip (GPU). It is not the best graphic GPU offered by Nvidia, but it is better than the Intel 620 graphics, for example. You can still use Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro or play video games.

Our second candidate, the MacBook Pro 15 uses the Kaby Lake update. It has Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake, the graphics are offered by Intel 630 and in terms of memory, it offers the AMD Radeon Pro 555. The specs for the MacBook Pro 15 are better than the Spectre x360 15 laptop. If you are still wondering which one to purchase, then you can go online and search for the Adobe Premiers Fstoppers test.


The MacBook Pro 15 has a 15.4-inch Retina display (2880-by-1800). This display is by far one of the best on the market available nowadays, with top-notch color coverage. The Spectre x360 has a standard high resolution with a 15.6-inch display (3,840-by-2.160 touch display and a 360-degree hinge).

Battery Life and Keyboard experience

Spectre x360 offers 8 to 10 hours of battery life (if used constantly), about the same amount of time advertised by Apple for the new MackBook Pro 15 (10 hours of constant use). Both laptops have very practical keyboards; the MacBook Pro 15 offers a Butterfly keyboard. The Spectre x360 offers a USB 3.0 and two USB Type C connector, HDMI port and SD card reader. The MacBook Pro offers 4 Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports.

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